The Style Guide you need to Keep your Remodel On Track

2 min read Use a personal style guide to make choices about your remodel up: you’ll have less stress and a more beautiful result!

I’ve talked about the value of design planning SO MUCH you might be sick of it.  If so, sorry, not sorry.  Your remodel is your home. It’s important!  Creating a master plan for your home update will help you prioritize what you and your home need most … then make it happen! But you also need to keep an eye on the details. Creating a Style Guide for your project works to keep those “little” things on track the same way.

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Tale of Two Remodelers: Who will you be?

2 min read Starting your remodel with clarity about what you really want is the key to success. Learn from the stories of two very different remodelers!

In all my years of helping home remodelers, I’ve seen two factors that really determine whether someone will feel happy with a remodel during and after it’s done. You need a can-do, positive attitude, and you need real clarity about what you want to get out of your remodel.

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Declutter: Step 0 of any Good Remodeling Plan

2 min read I’m not kidding. Before you start any remodel plan, get rid of excess stuff. Your re-design should be about making space you LOVE, not making room for your things!

Someone once said that a really good declutter of your life is as good as a remodel (and so much easier and cheaper).

Now as an architect, I don’t know that I totally agree with that.

A remodel can improve your layout, add natural light, add in stunning new surfaces and generally custom fit your home to your life. A solid decluttering job can’t do any of those things.

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The Bullet Journal Method for managing a Home Remodel

3 min read Having trouble staying on top of your home remodel? Try using a bullet journal to organize your life … and home update … with one simple system!

Today I want to share a really powerful organizing tool with you: the bullet journal method!

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My Mission: Save the World by reviving MCM Ranches

3 min read I’m on a mission to make the world a better place … by reviving MCM ranches. Join me!

Loving and reviving MCM ranches is more than my job. It’s a personal crusade. I see updating a ranch as a radical act of sustainability and I’m on a mission to help as many new homeowners as I can with the process of moving into, and adapting, an existing mid-century ranch to suit their lifetime needs.

I want America’s MCM ranches to become the same sort of forever home for us millennials that they were for our grandparents.

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The Mid-century Room Upgrade Recipe (Use it Anywhere)

4 min read Get the recipe for an easy mid-century room upgrade for ANY space in your house.

Remodeling a house isn’t your day job. So how do you muster the energy to take on a huge project like a remodel in on top of all your other commitments? Set yourself up for SUCCESS by giving yourself the satisfaction of an early, easy win with the Mid-Century Room Upgrade recipe.

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How to Plan a Mid-Century Renovation

4 min read You NEED a strong masterplan to have a great MCM remodel. Today, I break down how to plan a successful Mid-Century Renovation!

It is so easy to get overwhelmed at the start of a big, planned renovation, especially if you’re a first time home buyer. Adding the stress of a home renovation can be a lot. You CAN do this, though. Sit down and plan a mid-century renovation that SUITS you. Your masterplan will clarify what you want, and steer the path to your ideal future home.

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Establish the Remodeling Level that suits you

Do you know your remodeling level? It’s important to figure out how involved of a renovation you really want to take on long before you start! Consider your home’s condition, your lifestyle needs, your budget, and your willingness to deal with chaos.

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Use this remodeling framework to plan your ideal MCM update

7 min read Design a well rounded remodel that turns an every day ranch into your dream house with this easy three part framework borrowed from … the Romans!

Want to make sure you’ve thought of everything when you design a ranch remodel? This easy three part remodeling framework will make sure you are covering all the bases in your MCM home update!

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Features of a Midwestern Ranch you should Recognize

10 min read I’m going to be talking about what I know best: the builder basic Midwestern ranch, built by the millions across the country.

Knowing the history and key features of midwestern ranch will help you make good decisions as you work on your home.

Understanding what’s unusual about some of those original features – and also the history and the reasoning behind how they were built – will help you identify what’s rare, cool, quirky, or valuable about your home. And in other cases, it will help you know when something about your home isn’t that important to its overall character and you can modify it with a clean conscience.

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