sketch of a midcentury ranch


Most new homeowners find remodeling stressful.  I help people clarify their design vision and create a roadmap to their dream house!  Reach out today and we can start the process of redesigning your mid-century home today!


I know what its like to be a first time homeowner.  I'm currently updating and improving my own 1952 ranch in Madison, Wisconsin.  

I also have a decade of experience as a residential architect.  I've guided many people through the re-design and remodel process and into renewed homes that they love to live in!


My ranch was built in 1952 in the brand new Midvale Heights neighborhood of Madison, WI.  (In 1951, it had been a field on the extreme edge of town.)  It had been owned by only two families, the second going all the way back to the 60's and it was a TIME CAPSULE. 

Since moving in two years ago I've been slowly bringing it up to modern standard: insulating and refitting the basement, removing and sealing  lead paint, updating the wiring and connecting the house to the garage through a mudroom.  The process is ongoing.  Click here to learn more about this particular ranch.


The garden variety ranch is ubiquitous.   It has potential and it is well worth exploring and improving.  Even the most humble builder ranch has advantages - flexibility, right-sizededness, accessibility and modifiability.  

These basic ranches also have some disadvantages.  They tend to be smaller in scope, have smaller windows, less dramatic arrangements of roof lines, fewer views out. than their original California brethren  So they miss out on some of the cool intrinsic feature of the original concept ranches.  

So why remodel a ranch?  I'm interested in the idea of re-ranching midwestern ranches.  This is the opposite of many approaches to fixing up your ranch by turning it into a charming cottage or quaint colonial.  

I want to strengthen the natural features of the midwestern ranch and take advantage of its low-lying spread; of its views and connection to the outside space; of its asymmetry; of its flowing living spaces; of its spacious basement.  

My job as an architect is to spread the gospel of letting things be purely what they are.  

Join me for my quest to help midwestern ranches be their best selves.

LET'S Get Started!

The first fun step of planning any remodel is learning the background of your own home.  That's easy to do with the:


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