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the clarity and confidence you need to update your MCM home with style, on your own terms! 

* because planning your remodel doesn't need to be scary!

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Let's get started on making your dated Mid-Century house into the Modern home of your dreams!

Planning a mid-century remodel is so much fun.  I’m so GLAD you're here thinking about taking on a  creative update for your home!


But it is also overwhelming.  

Have you ever :

Talked to a contractor and felt mystified by their terminology and frustrated by the costs and unknowns of considering a whole-house remodel.

Tried to do some online research and gotten completely overwhelmed by the quantity of ideas on Instagram, Pinterest, HGTV and the entire internet.  So much advice ... and so little of it aimed at Mid-Century Modern (MCM) homes!

Gone to a home improvement store and gotten lost in an aisle of products that all seem pretty much the same ... and not right for your home.

I  know where you're coming from!!

I'm updating my own first home - a 1952 ranch in Madison, WI and ...

I'm a residential architect who's helped dozens of homeowners just like you navigate their  remodels

Together, we will cut through the noise and figure out the best plan for your home.  

How will that happen? 

Well ... There are three ways to work with Mid Mod Midwest

WHich one sounds like you?

1. Paid Consultation CAll

"I want to Phone an experienced friend"

Schedule an appointment for a 1 hour remote consultation on any topic related to updating a mid-century home.  

Fee $350

Tell me about yourself, your house and your design questions.  I'll share design ideas, opinions and resources to set you on the right path ... or just give you a little more confidence in your own choices.  

I really enjoyed brainstorming together in real time. These design ideas will really help to open the house up and make it live larger.  We now know how to move forward.

Elizabeth and Andy

1946 Ranch, Blacksburg VA

2. Visualization Help Package

"I need a quick design fix"

Get quick help visualizing the changes you want to make to your house.  We study your house questions, chat with you and then turn around dEsign solution and graphics to move you forward from where you are right now.  

Fee $1000 plus hourly as needed 

This is so USEFUL for people planning to update their front door area, nail down a paint combination choice, or visualize a small DIY interior update to ensure a WIN. 

Follow up on an hourly basis for extra advice, whenever you need input on floor plans, selecting flooring materials, choosing a contractor or finding a construction "surprise," you schedule a call and we talk it out together.

Thank you so much for all of the recommendations you sent!  We are excited about all our possibilities :). 

Also, we took the shutters off the house last weekend and it already looks so much better!   Our new doors will be installed on Monday! 

Charissa and Davin

1955 Ranch, Boise ID

3. The Mid-century Masterplan Package 

"I want a Plan for remodeling success"

If you're yearning to update your mid-century home but not sure where to start ... this one is for you.

We'll work together to take a holistic view of your home - addressing style and substance - to make sure that you get the layout improvements you need, the style upgrade you want and still work in  the maintenance overhaul you know you need.  

With a good masterplan in place you can decide the best order to plan your remodel and make sure that your investments in the foundations also win you style points.   

Della listened, understood our goals and provided multiple options that accomplished our goals- allowing us a clear vision for what was possible. 

We want to honor the MCM ranch style principles, but add the efficiencies and incorporate lifestyle changes that have happened since 1958.  Her design ideas and work does just that.

Drew and Jen

1959 Ranch, Madison WI

Here's how the Masterplan package works:

We'll study your life and your house ...

Together we'll take stock of your situation and assess your design needs by gathering data  on the house and what you really want to get out of your home improvement 

... to establish our scope of design

we'll choose the 4-6 major areas of the house that need our design focus .

These might include: 

 - Modernizing the Kitchen,

 - Tuning up the Front Entry,

 - Finishing or improving a basement,

 - Opening up the living area,

 - Slipping in a Master Suite,

Then comes the  masterplan Process

You'll get a detailed master plan for your remodel including: 

  • Custom Pin boards to collect shared ideas 
  • Schematic plans annotated with major design areas
  • A Review of any relevant building code constraints
  • Detailed design approaches for the key areas with:  
    • perspective sketches,
    • written design concepts and
    • inspiration / mood boards. 
  • For key areas like kitchens or small additions we will produce 2-3 layout variations
  • General notes on sustainability improvements throughout the process.
  • A Style Guide to help align your home with its MCM roots including material palettes and fill-in-the-blank worksheets to help you organize your remodel plans

We'll end with a sit down meeting to go over it step by step

Finally we go through the design together - item by item.  With the masterplan in hand, you'l be ready to start talking to contractors OR to circle back for greater design detail in certain areas. 

We save a few extra design hours for follow up tweaks to the design after the wrap meeting.

OK, but what does it cost?

you can Invest in your Masterplan for just $5000

"What an exceptional experience we had working with Della!  

Her insight, ideas & design skills came together beautifully to help create a guide for remodeling our mid century home. She asked questions, listened intently, was patient, and helped us see our house from an exciting new perspective, bringing form and function together, envisioning a renewed space, and creating an adventurous road map to update our home.

Thank you so much!"  

Matt and Kelly

1959 Ranch, Madison WI

If you're thinking ...

" I'm not planning to remodel until next year so I'm not ready to start planning "

Planning takes time and good planning takes more time than you think!  If you hope to update your home next year, now is the perfect time to start setting up your masterplan. 


(If you want to remodel right away ... apply this very minute!)

" I have a really tight budget, I don't think I can aford to hire a designer "

Design is how you make the most of a small budget - Rather than patching over layout problems with expensive finishes, we'll help you think outside the box to plan a tailor made remodel that does Exactly what you need it to and make every dollar count!

" I can probably do all this myself, though "

Sure you can.  But coordinating a remodel is a time consuming, stressful and nearly never-ending job that goes SO MUCH bETTER with experience.  why take on that struggle when the Mid mod Midwest team is standing by ready to give you a short cut!

Still have questions?

How long does it take?

Once we have all your design needs and house details squared away the team will prepare your masterplan in 3-5 weeks.

Can we start right now?

We typically are booked out around two months into the future.  (We'll let you know how far out the team is currently booked when we have our intro zoom call.)  Apply to schedule yours right now - and that timing will determine when the Masterplan will be ready.  

If you are feeling SUPER ready to go, don't despair.  You won't be sitting around waiting in the interim.  We begin collaborating on your design needs through Pinterest boards, workbooks and data gathering just as soon as you sign your contract!

Why do you charge a flat fee for the package?

Architects get paid for their services in a lot of different ways.  Some charge by the hour, others ask a percentage of the construction budget.  Some break down the project into phases and have a different plan for each part. 

We want to make sure that regular home owners like you feel comfortable asking for some design help with out feeling like they're writing a blank check.  That's why we charge a flat fee for the Mid-Century Master Plan Package.  This lets you know that our design advice has nothing to do with taking cut of the added size or scale and that we'll be designing with your needs and budget at the the front of our mind.

What if I don't need a whole house masterplan?

Check out the Architect, On Call package if you need help gaming out the design for a smaller area.  We can help you plan a front door update, manage an interior upgrade or visualize what new windows might look like on your home, then consult with you as needed to carry forward with your project!

What will my masterplan look like?

We'll prepare a big document including floor plans, perspective sketches, sample images and text recommendations to set you up for remodeling success! Check out a few examples from our recent projects below! 

Are you ready to get STARTED on making the house you have into the home you want?  

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