Am I Wrong to Love Mid Century?

When HGTV, Home Depot, every contractor you’ve spoken to so far, and some of your friends and family are all questioning why you like that feature of your mid century house, it can feel like maybe they’re right and you’re not. You can ask yourself, am I wrong to love mid-century?

No, of course not! Your mid mod home is great!

How can you find other people besides me to reinforce you when you love mid-century? You need a community of people who can share war stories, advice, and wins from their experience and updating, repairing, and maintaining mid century homes.  So, today, we’re going to talk about how to make that happen!

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Can I open up a wall?  And other questions about your structure!

14 min read If you’ve ever wished to just open up a wall in your house but worried it would be too expensive, too difficult or downright risky, I hope you’ll feel less so at the end of this episode!

If you’ve ever wished to just open up a wall in your house but worried it would be too expensive, too difficult or downright risky, I hope you’ll feel less so at the end of this episode!

True, there are some areas of your house structure you don’t want to carelessly change – for fear of bringing down the whole thing!  

You sure do need to know where your bearing walls are and what they are.  But once you know where your home’s structure is … and isn’t … you’ll be better able to “see through the walls” and open up some great flow in your home!  

Tune in for some rules of thumb for identifying structure AND some easy design cheats to open up space in the structure you have without costly re-engineering!  


How Do I Get the Best Value in a Remodel?

14 min read Make sure you get the best value in your remodel and JUSTIFY your time, energy and expense by considering how you can tweak the layout of your home to fit your life!

Here’s how you can get the best value in a remodel … you can super charge any remodel using adjustments to your home’s layout.  By the way … this episode and topic are the PERFECT preamble to this weekend’s Mid-Century Design Clinic. Listen up here and then go save your seat for the Workshop!

Look, beautiful finishes can make your life so shiny and pretty. 

  • You can wake up in the morning and smile because of the color of your bedroom wall. 
  • Touching the surfaces of your kitchen cabinets can bring you genuine joy multiple times a day.
  • The perfect paver stones under your feet on the patio can be warm, smooth, and classy.

 But just changing the surfaces of things doesn’t have a power to change your life the way adjusting your layout can-do. 

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What if I Need to do Maintenance Before I Remodel Plan?

Today’s question is actually one I don’t get asked often enough. Here it goes: How can I get started now on my fun mid-century home update plans when I have this feeling I should do maintenance before I remodel?

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I don’t get asked because  way too many people assume it’s the wrong question to ask!  Is this you?  Do you think you have to take care of some maintenance and repair work first.  You should replace the furnace, get a new roof on, repair that rotted deck – before you  can do the fun things … before you can start making your house into your home?

I understand the logic of this.  And if you are someone who likes to work before they play, eat a good dinner before desert or just generally earn their fun … I get it.  It sounds adulting and responsible home-owning 101.  

But it this case, it’s the absolutely wrong idea. 

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How do I Keep My Remodel Mid-Century? 

14 min read When you need to make a major update to your mid mod era home, use these four Mid Mod Cornerstone design concepts to keep your remodel mid-century!

Last week was all about starting small. This week we’re talking about how you can plan dramatic changes for your home without erasing its mid-century character. This episode is for people asking, how do I keep my BIG remodel Mid-Century while I tweak … or transform? My friends, I’ve got the answer for you.

Today, I’m introducing a new framework I’ve been working on for a while: the four cornerstones of mid-century design.

These are design principles that were common in the mid-century era and are found in virtually every home built in that era – even the most modest ranch.  

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I Want to Update My Mid-Century Home. Where do I Start?

13 min read If you are brand new to owning a Mid-Century Home and wondering “Where do I start?” Start small. Here are the first steps to get you on the right path!

What comes first when you’re brand new to your mid-century home and wondering “Where do I start?”

It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new homeowner, someone who’s been in their house a few years and feeling ready to make some changes or you don’t even HAVE a home yet but want to start making your life look a little more MCM!

Now, you’re ready to start planning what you would like to do to make your house into your home so … where do you even begin?

How can you start the remodel process without getting in completely over your head?

Today, let’s talk about how to stick your toe into the kidney-shaped pool of mid-century home updates.

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What’s the Right Color for My Mid-Century House?

18 min read How do I choose the right mid-century house color for my house? The short version is that many colors work but here’s how to choose the right one for YOU.

The right Mid-Century House Color isn’t one that’s specific to the period or style of your house. It isn’t the color that looks so great on the house down the street. It’s the color that expresses the feeling you want your home to create in you and in others. 

Choosing a color scheme for your home is one of the most effective ways to put your stamp on a house and start the process of making it your home. But before you “pick” the “right” color for your home … I want you to ask yourself a few more questions about what you’re trying to make happen here.

Don’t panic. This is part of the fun, I promise! Because today we’re going to talk about how to apply the Master Plan Method to help you confidently update your mid-century house color scheme.

Oh, and you might want to grab the free guide before you get started …

Mid-Century House Color free guide
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Set Remodeling Goals, the Right Way!

12 min read Use remodeling goals to keep yourself on target as you plan the perfect mid-century home update!

Keeping a home update on track from start to finish is no easy task.  It’s so personal, expensive, long term and generally overwhelming that you’re sure feel stressed about it from time to time.  But you can push back on those feelings if you are anchored by strong remodeling goals.

Let’s talk about how to set your mid-century remodel on the right course, right from the start with a simple remodeling goals planning exercise.  

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Skip Remodel Overwhelm … Like this!

11 min read Want to know the fastest way to remodel overwhelm … trying to do it all at once!

Baby steps, my friend.  Take your remodel one step at a time. Just skip right past the classic remodel overwhelm – that moment when it all becomes too much.  Planning a whole remodel at once – deciding on every detail  – is crazy difficult.  But if you focus your planning on one step at a time, you can cut the crazy in half.  

Avoid Remodeling Overwhelm with a plan: get Help at this weekend's mid-century master plan master class!

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Make a Plan so you can Remodel Right Now

11 min read Yes. You can remodel right now. Meet yourself where you are and plan a home update that fits your life today!

Don’t sit around waiting to be ready to plan the perfect remodel for your home … remodel right now now.  Meet yourself where you are and plan a home update that fits your life today!

There’s a right scale for your remodel.  Let’s figure it out together!

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