Ready to Remodel Student Stories

36 min read Can’t get enough mid-century house talk? Listen in on updates from recent Ready to Remodel students.

I LOVE updates from our homeowners, both design clients and Ready to Remodel students!

Photos in the Facebook group are great. Emails with project pictures? A delight!

I bet YOU like to peek inside other people’s remodeling process, too!

This is one of my favorite parts of setting up a strong Mid Mod ReMod Squad – you get to hear all about everyone else’s projects. 

Their wins can feel like your wins.

Their challenges make yours feel a little easier.

And their advice can prove INVALUABLE as you work to avoid remodeling regret for your own home.  

So, I’ve borrowed a little Mid Mod ReMod Squad energy to share with you today.   

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How Do I Get the Best Value in a Remodel?

14 min read Make sure you get the best value in your remodel and JUSTIFY your time, energy and expense by considering how you can tweak the layout of your home to fit your life!

Here’s how you can get the best value in a remodel … you can super charge any remodel using adjustments to your home’s layout.  By the way … this episode and topic are the PERFECT preamble to this weekend’s Mid-Century Design Clinic. Listen up here and then go save your seat for the Workshop!

Look, beautiful finishes can make your life so shiny and pretty. 

  • You can wake up in the morning and smile because of the color of your bedroom wall. 
  • Touching the surfaces of your kitchen cabinets can bring you genuine joy multiple times a day.
  • The perfect paver stones under your feet on the patio can be warm, smooth, and classy.

 But just changing the surfaces of things doesn’t have a power to change your life the way adjusting your layout can-do. 

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Tale of Two Remodelers: Who will you be?

2 min read Starting your remodel with clarity about what you really want is the key to success. Learn from the stories of two very different remodelers!

In all my years of helping home remodelers, I’ve seen two factors that really determine whether someone will feel happy with a remodel during and after it’s done. You need a can-do, positive attitude, and you need real clarity about what you want to get out of your remodel.

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Use Pinterest (the right way) to plan your MCM remodel

3 min read Four simple thing you need to know in order to use Pinterest to plan the best possible MCM remodel.

Wait. You do use Pinterest to strategize your remodel plans, right?

Pinterest can be your best friend, or your most stressful frenemy when you are planning a remodel. Here are some quick and easy tips for how (and when) to use Pinterest to plan your mid-century home update the right way!

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Declutter: Step 0 of any Good Remodeling Plan

2 min read I’m not kidding. Before you start any remodel plan, get rid of excess stuff. Your re-design should be about making space you LOVE, not making room for your things!

Someone once said that a really good declutter of your life is as good as a remodel (and so much easier and cheaper).

Now as an architect, I don’t know that I totally agree with that.

A remodel can improve your layout, add natural light, add in stunning new surfaces and generally custom fit your home to your life. A solid decluttering job can’t do any of those things.

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The Bullet Journal Method for managing a Home Remodel

3 min read Having trouble staying on top of your home remodel? Try using a bullet journal to organize your life … and home update … with one simple system!

Today I want to share a really powerful organizing tool with you: the bullet journal method!

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Are you ready to remodel in 2020?

4 min read How do you know if you’re ready to remodel a mid-century home? Today we talk about how you should … and SHOULD NOT … consider that question.

When we talk about if 2020 is going to be the year you remodel, let’s start with WHY.   Because my answer is that if you have good reasons for wanting to tweak your house to better suit your lifestyle …

… you ARE ready.  

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