Hey there! I'm Della.

I work with new owners of old ranch houses. 

Together, we update mid-century homes to match modern lifestyles.  

I'm an architect who's designed timber frame straw bale passive solar houses in rural Wisconsin and dramatic modern interventions on historic homes in Chicago.  

Now I I specialize in helping people bring new life to their mid-century ranch houses.

I absolutely loved spending the first ten years of my career creating bespoke houses and remodels for people who could afford to hire my fantastic first two firms for start-to-finish design work.  But at the same time, I got frustrated because most people don't get that chance.  The old system of architectural service just isn't working.

That's why I came up with a more accessible and affordable way to connect with and help regular homeowners.   Learn all about it here!


"you know ... Della ...

She's Tall, 

She has brown hair, ...  

She  loves  Mid-Century ranches"  

When I'm not re-designing ranch houses and/or writing and speaking about how amazing mid-century design can be, I can be found:

Remodeling my own 1952 ranch (oh wait ... that's still thinking about ranches!)

Hiking with my sweet (anxious) rescue pup, Roxie

Making up from-scratch knitting patterns for sweaters. (If I don't love how the sweater turned out ... I'll tear it out and start over.  It's all about the process!)

You want MORE?  ok!  Lighting Round!

  • I got a semester of detention for evading a quarter of middle school gym!
  • My all time favorite home was a small tent inside a large tent set up a parking lot (I lived in it for four months helping to rebuild in Biloxi, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina).
  • I've spent 27 months of my life so far outside the USA.
  • I've done a full-text table reading of Shakespeare's Richard III with friends at 4am.
  •  I speak conversational Dutch  (omdat ik ben gek op Nederlandse gebowen

The best time to start your remodel is now!

Let's fix up your house.  Tell me all about it.  I'll come over (in person or online) and have a look, then we can make a road map for your remodel together!

Or, if you're NOT QUITE  READY to kick off your remodel...

Keep up with what's new here on Mid Mod Midwest and around the web!