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30 minute Remote Consultation

"I want to Phone an experienced friend"

Schedule an appointment for a remote consultation on any topic related to updating a mid-century home.  

Fee $250

Tell me about yourself, your house and your design questions.  I'll share design ideas, opinions and resources to set you on the right path ... or just give you a little more confidence in your own choices.  

Brainstorming together in real time.  These design ideas will really help to open the house up and make it live larger.  We now know how to move forward.

Elizabeth and Andy

1946 Ranch, Blacksburg VA

We offer Two types of Remodel Consult. 

Which one do you need?


"HelP!  Where to I start?"

Not sure what project to tackle first on your home improvement list?  Wondering how to reconcile what you WANT to do with the maintenance check list you've got in the back of your head?  

Schedule a Jump Start Call and we'll get your 5000 foot view plan laid out in Just 30 Minutes!

Thanks very much for showing us some really great options! There were easily three that we would jump on (if we had three houses, I guess).

We think you nailed it!  We're pretty psyched to get to the construction step.

Carl and Julie

Contemporary, Oregon WI


"How do I choose the right ___ from the whole internet?"

Are you feeling stuck in analysis paralysis?  Worried you're going to make the "wrong" choice for your home?  Stressing about the order for materials you need to place ASAP?  

Schedule a Design Details SOS Call and we'll make the focusing choices you've been delaying in Just 30 Minutes!

We got through so many questions, covering more territory than we anticipated in an hour.

It gave us the confidence to proceed with changes – respecting the home’s pedigree, while reflecting our taste and modern preferences. 

We loved the out-of-the-box idea to cover some of the wood in our wall of bookcases with temporary white or colored panels to lighten the room and make objects on the shelves “pop.”

We’ll undoubtedly call again when we need more “therapy.”

Margy and Scott

Modern Home 

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