Tale of Two Remodelers: Who will you be?

2 min read Starting your remodel with clarity about what you really want is the key to success. Learn from the stories of two very different remodelers!

In all my years of helping home remodelers, I’ve seen two factors that really determine whether someone will feel happy with a remodel during and after it’s done. You need a can-do, positive attitude, and you need real clarity about what you want to get out of your remodel.

This episode wraps up SEASON TWO of the podcast. I’ve been all about getting you ready to remodel for the last two months.

Today, I’m telling the tales of two clients. One couple who was (in my opinion) not really ready to remodel, because they just couldn’t agree about what their future home should be. The other is a couple who had one of the best remodel design processes I’ve helped with … because they knew what they wanted – and what the house would need – right from the start.

Which remodel story would you rather be?

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In Today’s Episode you’ll hear …

  • The first remodeler couple … who couldn’t agree between themselves about what they wanted … and threw their own budget out the window before they ever started with an out-of-scale kitchen appliances choice. Spoiler alert: they had a rough road to their remodel [1:16]
  • The second couple knew what they wanted, got all their ducks in a row, and headed up one of the most swift and satisfying remodel designs I’ve ever helped out with. [2:46]
  • Planning out what you WANT and NEED from your remodel … before you get into the nitty gritty … will make every part of the process go more smoothly! [5:08]
  • If you’d like some help answering those questions for yourself, you might like to join my Ready to Remodel course. I’ll walk you through the process step by step! [5:40]

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