About Mid Mod Midwest

At Mid Mod Midwest, our mission is to help mid-century homeowners visualize their dream home, get creative with the house they have, and then focus a master plan so that they can confidently lead a remodel.

We are not a typical full-service architecture firm;  we work primarily in schematic design, preparing conceptual drawing and text document packages.  Our ultimate goal is to help the most people plan amazing updates for their mid-century homes.   We do this through 1:1 design work and consultations, the Ready to Remodel program and free resources in the form of social, blog and podcast content.  

Now Mid Mod Midwest is growing again.  We are looking for someone to help us spread the good word about how great Mid Mod ranch houses can be ... and help homeowners make smart, long-lasting choices for their home updates. 

Could this be you or someone you know? 

Master Plan Design Lead

Part time, remote employee.

We are looking for a creative, practical, and mcm-obsessed architect or architectural designer to join Mid Mod Midwest as we grow.  

The mission of the Master Plan Design Lead is to create amazing schematic designs for mid-century remodels, offering livable options and illustrating/describing your design solutions clearly so that our clients can use them to transform the house they have into the home they will love (with multiplied MCM charm).  

This is a part-time, fully remote, and largely asynchronous role.  We are looking for someone who wants to grow with our company.  We'll start with a 3-month training period at about 10 hours per week, then expand up to about 25 hours per week. This role could expand further over time, depending on your desired workload and schedule. 

About you

As a Master Plan Design Lead you’ll be working remotely with our small (3-5) person team and closely collaborating with the Production and Design Assistant.  We’re looking for someone who loves solving tricky layout problems and making snap pronouncements about what people ‘could do’ for their homes to join our merry band of mid-century obsessed designers.  


  • Tending to client relationships including leading Kick off and Wrap up (remote) meetings for each master plan you manage (leading 1-2 projects at a time).
  • Collaborating with the Design and Production Assistant to develop the project background information package.
  • Outlining the master plan for the project per our package process and establishing boundaries around the project so that it fits a master plan scope.
  • Ideating and designing layout options and pulling together design area suggestions.
  • Supervising / participating in the design drawing phases and document production.
  • Writing and adapting text on design recommendations for Mid-Century Solutions Package. You need to be comfortable with writing about design in user-friendly, non-jargony language.
  • Checking and proofing Design and Production Assistant’s document work. 
  • Staying in great contact with the team remotely via our weekly synchronous team meetings, Thursday status updates and via regular (daily or otherwise noted) feedback through our Asana channels.


  • You’re curious about people, how they live in their homes and everything mid-century.
  • You love learning about new niches of design, buildings and history and are happy to “nerd out” on behalf of our clients and with the team.
  • You appreciate the value of methodical processes and know that streamlining your creative and delivery process can free up time for great design insight.
  • You like to work independently and are happy to take primary responsibility for projects and develop them thoroughly.
  • You’re a good design communicator - you like to create great solutions not only for the appreciation of fellow designers but to share with non-design oriented homeowners through clear drawings and language both written and spoken.
  • You’re looking for a way to keep active design in your life (or make space for it again after a break from full time work) without committing to a full time office-based job.
  • You're not trying to add this onto other full time design work or another 9-5 job.


  • You don’t enjoy and appreciate the range of mid-century design styles from vintage time capsule to contemporary mid mod update.
  • You place a higher priority on capital-D-Design than on working with and developing from client-centered needs and their feelings about how they want to live in their homes.
  • You need in person contact with people and buildings in order to feel fulfilled and think creatively.
  • You need a rock solid routine - each week ends up feeling different around here and each client and mid-century home requires a fresh eye.
  • You want to see each project through to construction management.
  • You don’t like the color yellow 💛  - it’s all over everything we produce.


  • Education: MArch, or BArch ideal.  Similar Interior Design Degree, possible.
  • Experience: several years of professional work in design.  Firm experience in residential design is not necessary if you have spent time working personally with residential remodeling.  
  • Job Type: part time, fully remote (US national), employee.
  • Compensation: starting at $25/hour, dependent on experience.


  • Adobe Creative Suite - we do our master plans in InDesign.
  • Sketch Up - we do our design modeling in this program to keep our focus schematic.
  • Procreate - we do our design drawing on tablets and you need to be able to at least markup Design and Production Assistant’s work in this medium.
  • Asana and Toggl for project management and time tracking.


I'll start setting up zoom interviews on October 17th.  If you think you might be the right person... 

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