The Style Guide you need to Keep your Remodel On Track

2 min read Use a personal style guide to make choices about your remodel up: you’ll have less stress and a more beautiful result!

I’ve talked about the value of design planning SO MUCH you might be sick of it.  If so, sorry, not sorry.  Your remodel is your home. It’s important!  Creating a master plan for your home update will help you prioritize what you and your home need most … then make it happen! But you also need to keep an eye on the details. Creating a Style Guide for your project works to keep those “little” things on track the same way.

First, a word of caution.  I’m not saying that when you’ve done this work, you’ll be done.   This not a matter of  Making a choice once and never have to make it again.  That is an over simplification.  But you CAN make a choice once and then only have to tweak it for each new scenario that comes up. 

Trust me, this helps!

Want some help with this? Give the episode a listen while you download your this easy Style Guide workbook to walk you through some of the decisions you’re about to make. It’s as easy as filling in the blanks (with the right answers) and a lot of fun too!


In Today’s Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How a Style Guide is really just a masterplan for all the little details of your home remodel project (and just as useful) [2:05]
  • Why brushed nickel handles are a Mid Mod no-no and how to avoid using them and instantly dating your home update! [4:15]
  • The difference between a fully bespoke custom designed remodel led by an architect and one managed by Joe Contractor … but how you can get the best of both worlds (hint it involves a Style Guide) [5:05]
  • How to get started [9:05]
  • Metals for your Mid-Century home [9:55]
  • How to make sure all the wood in your floors, cabinets, walls, trim and furniture plays nicely together [12:10]
  • How to have fun with color in an MCM update [15:25]

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Resources and more on creating your Style Guide Mentioned in this Episode