How to Plan a Mid-Century Renovation

4 min read You NEED a strong masterplan to have a great MCM remodel. Today, I break down how to plan a successful Mid-Century Renovation!

It is so easy to get overwhelmed at the start of a big, planned renovation, especially if you’re a first time home buyer. Adding the stress of a home renovation can be a lot. You CAN do this, though. Sit down and plan a mid-century renovation that SUITS you. Your masterplan will clarify what you want, and steer the path to your ideal future home.

Transform yourself from lost and adrift in the overwhelming possibilities of a home remodel to a proud homeowner ready to go with peace of mind that you are making the right choices for yourself and your mid-century home.

Today’s episode is devoted to walking you through the crucial elements you need to address when you plan a mid-century renovation. Do this … and set yourself up for success.

In today’s episode you’ll hear …

  • Why it is even more than usually essential to plan a mid-century renovation (hint: avoid making [3:02]
  • What you need for a great mid mod master plan [4:42]
  • Know your home [5:46]
  • Develop a vision for the direction of your reno [8:33]
  • Prioritize – before someone else does it for you [9:22]
  • Gather ideas and inspiration from the world around you … and the internet. Document and annotate like CRAZY [11:59]
  • Start pulling together the design in rough floor plans and sketches [12:34]
  • Boil it all down to a mantra you can repeat to keep yourself on track through the whole process. You’ll need it! [13:12]
  • Do you need help with more than an outline for your plan … I’m here for you? Reach out with your design questions and lets see if you need a Mid-Century Master Plan from Mid Mod Midwest! At a reduced price through the end of 2019 [14:28]

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Having a clear master plan in place before you start your MCM remodel is the secret to mid-century success.

Why you need to Plan a Mid-Century Renovation

Sitting down to make a master plan for your renovation can really help you clarify what you want, and steer the path to your ideal future home.

When here are too many options … the choices seem infinite and expensive. It’s hard to know what the best solution for your particular house is.

(Plus it drives me nuts how HGTV leads people to believe that home make-overs are easy and painless and happen over a weekend. Experience will teach you the world doesn’t actually work this way!

All of this can make you feel frustrated and stymied.

Worse, decision fatigue can lead you to spend too much on the wrong things in the middle of the process. It’s so common to look back at the end of a reno and feel like there were things you threw money at just because you were worn out and tired. But also a few key things you turned down impulsively in the moment that now you wish you could add.

Set yourself up for success with the complete master plan to your home remodel in hand.

Have peace of mind that you’re making the right remodeling decisions for the right reasons.

There are two big risks with an MCM remodel:

Avoid the dual tragedies of spending the time, money and effort of a major remodel only to end up with a house you don’t love or unintentionally erasing the character of your mid-century home.

You can end up with the mid mod remodel of your Instagram fantasies that is actually comfortable to live in, and easy to maintain, plus it can fit within your budget.


How to Plan a Great Remodel

Well, it comes down to this. YOU want to be the person with the strongest vision for your home.

What you need to plan a mid-century remodel:

1. A clear understanding of where you’re starting out. You need to be the expert in your home.

2 . A really strong vision for the overall style of the house. Having a big picture goal in mind will help you answer every smaller question that comes up along the way.

3. A break down of your biggest priorities. Again, this isn’t something that a realtor, architect, or contractor can tell you. It’s not about resale value – unless that is the most important thing in your life. It is about your life and your lifestyle.

4. A great (annotated) collection of ideas an inspiration. This is when you hit Pinterest and Instagram. Sketch your ideas. They don’t have to be pretty. Just to remind you what you had in mind. Gather a collection of inspiration, and then annotate the heck out of it so that you and others know what you’re trying to accomplish with each one.

5. A rough floor plan – pen on graph paper is just fine. Make multiple copies so you can make notes all over this too.

6. A mantra, guideline or rule to keep you on track. (This is especially important if you’re remodeling as a couple.)


If you need a hand with your plans …

I’ve got you! I offer hands on design help in the mid century solutions package, my customized masterplan service.

Whether you find a designer to help you pull this all together or you pull the key components of a master plan out of your own hat, I guarantee that your remodel will be head and shoulders better if you invest that time to make a full master plan before you begin.

Don’t stint on the process either. Just having a very full Pinterest board is not the same thing.

Remember, the stakes.

Your home is your castle. Remodels are a huge investment of time, energy, emotion, and money. Make it all pay off by starting the process the right way.

Your mid-century home will thank you.