Your Remodel needs a Master Plan not a Floor Plan

14 min read Too many people skip over essential steps in planning their home remodel … and it shows. With the Master Plan Method, you take the time to plan your remodel right, right from the start.

A great home remodel needs more than a good floor plan. It needs a master plan.

Having a master plan is more than pinning a bunch of things you like. It’s more than having the furnace guy or the roofing guy come out and say, ‘Oh yep. Your home inspector was right. Plan for a remodel.’ And it’s more than having a perfectly tidy, organized blueprint for your house.

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Use Pinterest (the right way) to plan your MCM remodel

3 min read Four simple thing you need to know in order to use Pinterest to plan the best possible MCM remodel.

Wait. You do use Pinterest to strategize your remodel plans, right?

Pinterest can be your best friend, or your most stressful frenemy when you are planning a remodel. Here are some quick and easy tips for how (and when) to use Pinterest to plan your mid-century home update the right way!

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Are you ready to remodel in 2020?

4 min read How do you know if you’re ready to remodel a mid-century home? Today we talk about how you should … and SHOULD NOT … consider that question.

When we talk about if 2020 is going to be the year you remodel, let’s start with WHY.   Because my answer is that if you have good reasons for wanting to tweak your house to better suit your lifestyle …

… you ARE ready.  

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How to Plan a Mid-Century Renovation

4 min read You NEED a strong masterplan to have a great MCM remodel. Today, I break down how to plan a successful Mid-Century Renovation!

It is so easy to get overwhelmed at the start of a big, planned renovation, especially if you’re a first time home buyer. Adding the stress of a home renovation can be a lot. You CAN do this, though. Sit down and plan a mid-century renovation that SUITS you. Your masterplan will clarify what you want, and steer the path to your ideal future home.

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3 easy visualization tools to pre-plan a perfect remodel

6 min read Getting your dream house is about more than pinterest perfect finishes or fresh paint. Try these 3 easy visualizing exercises to pre-plan a perfect remodel!

Imagining an ideal version of the home you already live in is harder than it may seem. People are so adaptable . We get used to our homes to the point that we hardly even see them. It is easy to point to a tired paint color or chipped tile, visualizing a whole new space is hard. Never fear! You can use these three exercises to help break outside of your regular experience and pre-plan a perfect remodel!

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Case Study: How to Fix a Bad Ranch Floor plan

7 min read This 1958 ranch had good bones, a great location, and … a terrible layout that turned its back on the amazing yard. Today, how to fix a bad ranch floor plan!

In most cases, the basic layout of ranch is a pretty good fit for a modern family. However, sometimes you find a mid-century ranch that just isn’t working at all. When that happens, you need some out-of-the-box thinking to transform a bad ranch floor plan into one that fits your life.

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Progress: The basement drywall is in!

2 min read The drywall was hung, taped, and textured and now its ready for me to get on with painting. I have a quick decision to make. Help!

While I was upstairs, ripping out the wall-to-wall carpet, the drywall crew was downstairs turning the basement spaces back into rooms.  It’s very exciting to see the work progressing.  Continue reading “Progress: The basement drywall is in!”

Three places to find more space in your house without adding on!

3 min read You can remodel your home and substantially increase your living area without adding on a single square foot!  Staying within your existing footprint is easier, cheaper and more sustainable. 

Every little bit helps.  You can avoid adding to the impermeable surfaces of the world by remodeling within your existing building footprint rather than building new OR expanding beyond the current boundaries.  Look around the house for space you already have.  This is the low hanging fruit in any remodel by measures of speed, difficulty, return on investment, and baseline cost.  Continue reading “Three places to find more space in your house without adding on!”

What came before: The Bungalow and Ranch Side by Side

6 min read Today I consider the similarities and differences between two closely related building types, the Chicago Bungalow and the Midwestern Ranch. What can one teach about the other?

These two building types are very closely related.  Specifically, the Chicago Bungalow is very closely related to the Midwestern or “tract” Ranch.  They each share an older  California cousin which features more variation, more drama and was originally designed as one-offs by architects.  They are similar in square footage, in class and in initial cost. Their differences are useful in highlighting the modernism and innovations of the ranch type.  Let’s look more closely!  Continue reading “What came before: The Bungalow and Ranch Side by Side”

Don’t forget to improve your Passive Solar Potential when you remodel!

2 min read Remodeling is your opportunity to improve all kinds of layout flaws – tight corners, inadequate kitchen storage, not enough privacy for bedrooms – AND improve your relationship with the sun.

Don’t let yourself think of existing walls as immutable or hyper-focus your attention on the surface of things.  Gilding the lily won’t fix an awkward, dark or segmented floor plan. 
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