Essential Mid-Century Resources to Get You Started!

3 min read A rundown of 11 essential mid-century resources to get you started in planning an MCM remodel. Learn the best articles, books, blogs, shops and sources!

I don’t know about you, but when I get into a topic, I really go down the rabbit hole. So, of course, I love to stay up on my reading regarding Mid-Century Resources. Do you?

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Establish the Remodeling Level that suits you

Do you know your remodeling level? It’s important to figure out how involved of a renovation you really want to take on long before you start! Consider your home’s condition, your lifestyle needs, your budget, and your willingness to deal with chaos.

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How to Buy a Mid-Century Home: An Architect’s Guide

12 min read Today, let’s do a deep dive into the best ways to find and buy a mid-century home!

Whether you’re looking to buy a mid-century home that is 100% move in ready, or a dire fixer-upper on a fire sale budget,  I can help. Here are a few great universal MCM house hunting tips.

I’m a designer who specializes in helping homeowners update and improve their MCM houses. So, I have a particular interest in people looking for a fixer-upper. This post will focus on how you can find buy a mid-century house full of potential just waiting for you to make it your own.

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What even IS Mid-Century Style?

3 min read Take the Mid-Century Style Quiz to find how this BROAD design concept applies to you and to your MCM home!

Mid-century modern style is a very broad design category.   The term “modern” has been applied to styles of furniture furniture, clothing, art, and architecture for more than 100 years now.  “Mid-Century style literally just means style from “the middle of the century.” That’s not particularly helpful to those of us trying to nail down the style for our own purposes!

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The Design Boost you NEED to love your Mid-Century Ranch Remodel

4 min read Can we talk about the secret to a great remodel? Spoiler: its planning.

If you’re thinking about a Mid-Century Ranch Remodel, hang on a minute. I want to talk to you about the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM design boost you need to get a mid-century ranch remodel you’ll love.  

A little design goes such a long way. Every homeowner needs a boost of design thinking at the start of a project to set them on the right track.

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[NEW VIDEO] Why I LOVE Mid-Century Ranch Houses

2 min read I’m taking the gospel of why we should all love Mid-Century Ranch Houses to as many different media as possible! Today: VIDEO!

It should come as no surprise to any regular of Mid Mod Midwest that I LOVE Mid-Century Ranch houses. Sometimes if feels all I can talk about! But there’s a good reason for that: Ranches ARE GREAT!!!

Check out this three minute video to learn why! Or just scroll down for a text summary if you are in more of a reading than a watching mood!

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Your Must Have Mid-Century Ranch Resource List

8 min read Here are my top 24 mid-century ranch resources for anyone considering updating an MCM home … or just wanting to know more about the period!

Here’s the list you need to get started with this Mid-Century thing OR to dig much deeper. Learn the history, get some great DIY and design tips, and set yourself up for continuing inspiration. These are two dozen of my favorite Mid-Century ranch resources and I use them on a regular basis.

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Your Sustainable Mid-century Remodel: Why and How

13 min read Have you ever considered remodeling your mid-century ranch is an act of radical sustainability?

Think about it! There are 15 million of these modestly-sized, well-built houses across America located in walkable neighborhoods close to local businesses and schools. Taking on a sustainable mid-century remodel means helping people occupy them, love them and preserve them. In doing so, you prevent their demolition to build something larger or just building new homes on greenfield land elsewhere, and this is a significant environmental win.

Yes, mid-century modern style is cool and fun, but more than that – coming up with design tools to help 15 percent of US housing stock stay relevant is IMPORTANT WORK. ⠀

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How to Plan a Mid-Century Renovation you’ll Love

10 min read When you’ve just bought a house, the new responsibilities can be overwhelming. Don’t worry. All you need is a great plan!

The right plan can help you figure out what will make you happiest and what is the best solution for your home.  You are in the driver’s seat with a road map, once you roll up your sleeves to fully plan a mid-century renovation.

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