Use Pinterest (the right way) to plan your MCM remodel

3 min read Four simple thing you need to know in order to use Pinterest to plan the best possible MCM remodel.

Wait. You do use Pinterest to strategize your remodel plans, right?

Pinterest can be your best friend, or your most stressful frenemy when you are planning a remodel. Here are some quick and easy tips for how (and when) to use Pinterest to plan your mid-century home update the right way!

First things, first. Literally.

Pay attention to where you are in the process of your remodel and don’t get fixated on the kind of detail inspiration that Pinterest excels at too early in the process. Sure … its fine to blow off steam by pinning favorite kitchen tile samples over and over again. But don’t lose track of where you are in your planning and development. The first thing you need to do is figure out why you want to remodel your kitchen and what your new kitchen will look like, feel like, and help you accomplish on any given day.

With that out of the way … here are four key things to consider when you use Pinterest to plan a remodel.

1. Pinterest is a search engine

In fact, Pinterest is THE visual search engine. I’d go here before google, or any remodeling specific site (looking at you Houzz) to suss out the best inspo for a big picture look or a small detail.

Let Pinterest’s smart keyword assistant help you dig ever deeper into the internet to find great MCM home remodeling information and inspiration!

2. Teach it to do your homework for you then sit back an scroll the pretty

The “smart feed” learns what you like based on what you pin … and who you follow. So once you start pinning in a subject, the next time you pop open the web browser or app, it will have relevant suggestions for you to check out.

You can use Pinterest even more efficiently by following a few (or many) other Pinners who are liking the same type of images you have been looking for. Crowdsource your remodel inspiration to the Mid Mod Remodel Community. Step one … Follow Me. I post up to a dozen new MCM relevant pins every day.

screenshot of the Mid Mod Midwest Pinterest home page and top boards.  Use pinterest to plan your remodel the right way.

3. Use Pinterest to keep organized

For the love of all that is holy, don’t just put everything you like into a general board and call it “House Ideas.” You will never find what you’re looking for again.

Break your pinning strategy down and GET SPECIFIC. Make a board for your kitchen and then make separate sections for tile, faucets, cabinet faces and paint colors. If you want to actually refer to Pinterest when you finally get around to decision time you want to keep everything in its place

4. Annotate everything to remind yourself why you cared

Even a well organized system of pins wont always remind you what you liked about a specific image. For yourself and ESPECIALLY if you plan to share your pintrest boards with a spouse, friend, or design team member, make sure to use the comments to annotate what it is you’re talking about.

For example, you might pin a kitchen image because you liked the counter surface and ignored the cabinet doors. But a designer you shared that board with (me for instance) might see it an assume you’d be crushed if I didn’t suggest doors just like those. Avoid confusion by being clear about what part of a picture made you … click pin.

In today’s episode you’ll hear …

  • Pinterest is more than a fun way to kill time on your phone … it is serious business for professional designers. Learn from the pros and use Pinterest to mastermind your remodel [3:29]
  • Use the smart feed to your advantage and teach Pinterest to go find you great inspiration around the internet by following accounts that pin things you want to see more of [5:33]
  • Don’t forget to ORGANIZE your boards. Putting anything you like into a rando board called “house ideas” is a recipe to never remember that good idea again! [7:16]
  • Don’t get ahead of yourself. It’s fine to de-stress by pinning kitchen backsplash tile while you wait in line but keep your eye on the ball and START the remodel process by looking at the big picture – your “why” – Pinterest will remember your good detail ideas for you until its time to really get into the nitty gritty! [10:38]


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