Remodeling Dreams and DIY while you #stayhome

Whether you are sheltering in place, safer at home, or just staying home, you might be starting (continuing) to feel little stir crazy. I have too. Here are some prompts to help you imagine improvements to your MCM house and some ideas for manageable DIY while you #stayhome!

 I want to make this clear.  I am NOT trying to productivity shame you right now.  

We all have enough to do on any given day and being caught in the middle of a global pandemic has not made our lives more straightforward or streamlined.  Many of us are busier than ever with childcare, chores, extra communication and worry. But if you’re looking for some ways to keep your mind and hands occupied right now, Season 3 of the Mid Mod Remodel podcast is for you.

Dream up some updates for your home

One thing we can do right now is sit back and make big plans for the future. If you are sheltering in place you may be spending more time at home than you are accustomed to and using your house for more parts of your day and life than you typically do.  

Pay attention to what’s working and what’s not.  You might gain some fresh insight from your enforced focus on the interior life. 

Ideas for DIY while you #stayhome

On the other hand, for those who want something more concrete to accomplish … there’s always DIY.  What materials have you got around the house that you can turn into a project? You could make some decluttering goals or re-arrange your furniture every week till you find the perfect arrangement. Here’s a good place to start.

In today’s episode you’ll hear …

  • Why this season is going to be all about what you can contemplate or DO to improve your MCM home while you stay put [1:19]
  • Disclaimer: this is not about productivity shaming you! I’m just offering some pleasant MCM remodel distractions … if you happen to be in need of such a thing [3:34]
  • How to use this time to think about your big picture goals for your home – you’ll never have more insight into if your house can fulfill all your needs than right now! [5:18]
  • The Mid Mod hack DIY project I’m working on right now [7:38]
  • An overview of this coming season and what you can expect: advice on making space in your house for togetherness and apartness; design with and for your kids; Office spaces and Mudrooms in MCM homes; DIY projects to tackle in this #stayhome season and how to pick your next project! [9:32]
  • Some bonus resources for navigating your new at-home life. [12:20]

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