Spaces to be Together & Apart while you Work from Home

2 min read Let’s get into the WHY of our homes’ need for places to gather and places to spread out while we work from home and do everything else here too.

This season is all about how we improve our homes … and our daily lived experiences while we work from home and shelter in place.  In a lot of ways the things we can do for our houses, for our daily routines, and for our general mental states are the same good ideas that apply ANY time but are perhaps easier to ignore when we live a more outward turned life.

Typical American homes were designed around the idea that we’d leave them for part of every day to go to work and to meet our social needs in the community at large.  Right now … we can’t.  So the house needs to do all the work that we typically outsource.  

While this has been very front of mind for many people we struggling to adapt to a work from home life … its actually a good rule of thumb in the design of any living space.  

So changes to your home that you dream up now or take action to put in place this week can benefit you over the long run!  

In today’s episode I’ll start out talking about the bigger picture – my philosophy as a designer on good residential layout. I’ll address the current resurgence of hatred for open concept homes but how you can get the best of both worlds with our MCM remodel.

Then I’ll get down to brass tacks.  What you can do for your home right now … this very week … possibly without stepping foot outside –  to create more room for togetherness and apartness in your mid-century home? Tune in to find out!

In today’s episode you’ll hear …

  • How everyone loves to hate on the open plan concept for houses – but they’re actually way less common than we think [1:58]
  • The importance of the Third Place in our lives – somewhere that is neither home nor work – and how our houses have to fill in that gap right now. [4:58]
  • Some cool MCM and African American history – Learn the background on Collier Heights, a historically black neighborhood of super cool modernist homes outside Atlanta, Georgia [6:08]
  • What Sarah Susanka can teach us about having not so much more space but the RIGHT space in our homes, especially an away room! [8:33]
  • How to create an Away Room as part of your remodeling masterplan OR just make one out of the spaces you already have in your home! [10:32]
  • Plus, I’M GOING TO BE ON THE RADIO NEXT WEEK. Details at [18:15]

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