Creative Kid Spaces and Activities for the Stay Home Era

One of the many weird side effects of our collective corona virus precautions is that almost every kid in the country is home from school right now.  Families are having to come up with new routines, creative kid spaces, and fresh inspiration to keep everyone active, happy and stimulated (and hang on to parental sanity if possible).  

This week I share some kid-focused advice that could come in handy for parents who are working to keep their kids happy and engaged right now.  

Your kids needs have likely changed during the Covid-19 quarantine. Working parents with kids in school may have had a smooth nightly parade of dinner, baths, reading and bed time. But when you have all day every day with your kids in the house you need to rethink the routine.  It can help to have multiple areas or stations around the house to move to during the course of the day.

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In today’s episode you’ll hear …

  • What we can learn from Montessori classrooms about setting up great spaces for child exploration and self directed learning in our homes [3:14]
  • By the way this totally ties in with my episode of last week – how our home need more “away spaces” or “nooks” in each room to allow for plenty of together time and apart time.
  • Gather some ideas for how to surprise and delight your stay home kids. They love ideas that are outrageous or subversive like breakfast for dinner and camping in the living room! [4:56]
  • Learn how you can help your child set up a “feel good place” for positive discipline time outs that can help sooth high tempers or overtired outbursts [6:53]
  • Age appropriate design thinking activities for your kids ranging from toddler to teenager [9:08]
  • Use the Design Thinking framework created by the Stanford D-School to help your child go through a great design process from start to finish [13:15]
  • How to involve your whole family in a good home improvement project [14:04]

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Parents, you’ve got a lot in your plate right now. Take it easy on yourselves!!

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