Easy Summer Projects to Tackle This Weekend

16 min read Easy summer projects can help you kick-off this year’s (mid-century) home improvement season! Here are a few of my favorites.

What feels like the true beginning of summer to you? Memorial Day weekend? Seeing the first lightning bugs? The last day of school? For me, my birthday in early June is the real start of summer!

It kind of feels like we just dived into the middle of summer in the last week or two and I have a feeling you might be in exactly the right headspace to take on some easy summer projects to make your mid-century home a little more your own. 

So, grab your lemonade and a lawn chair and listen in for a few fun (and, okay some less fun but more necessary) summer project you can tackle right now to kick off your mid-century home improvement season!

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Modern House Numbers for an MCM house – Interview with Brandy McLain

24 min read One of the easiest ways to make your front door shine is to upgrade your house numbers.

One of the easiest ways to make your front door shine is to upgrade your house numbers. I’ve been a big fan of Modern House Numbers, for quite a while.

I’ve got their numbers on my house, and I recommend them to a lot of my clients.

I didn’t even know how much I love this company until I sat down to chat with owner Brandy McLain recently.

Before we get to the goods … though, don’t miss this:

Giveaway Alert: Enter to win a free set of Modern House Numbers when you enroll in the Mid-Century Exteriors Clinic.  Image of grey house with orange door, cedar slat fence and bronze house numbers.
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What’s the Perfect Mid-Century House Color?

17 min read How do I choose the right mid-century house color for my house? The short version is that many colors work but here’s how to choose the right one for YOU.

The right Mid-Century House Color isn’t one that’s specific to the period or style of your house. It isn’t the color that looks so great on the house down the street. It’s the color that expresses the feeling you want your home to create in you and in others. 

Choosing a color scheme for your home is one of the most effective ways to put your stamp on a house and start the process of making it your home. But before you “pick” the “right” color for your home … I want you to ask yourself a few more questions about what you’re trying to make happen here.

Don’t panic. This is part of the fun, I promise! Because today we’re going to talk about how to apply the Master Plan Method to help you confidently update your mid-century house color scheme.

Oh, and you might want to grab the free guide before you get started …

Mid-Century House Color free guide
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