Modern House Numbers for an MCM house – Interview with Brandy McLain

24 min read One of the easiest ways to make your front door shine is to upgrade your house numbers.

One of the easiest ways to make your front door shine is to upgrade your house numbers. I’ve been a big fan of Modern House Numbers, for quite a while.

I’ve got their numbers on my house, and I recommend them to a lot of my clients.

I didn’t even know how much I love this company until I sat down to chat with owner Brandy McLain recently.

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OK. Brandy and I talk about how one comes to run a house number company (hint – a DIY project taken to the max) and review some exterior design tips. We also cover curb appeal trends and the quickest ways to add some panache to your home. 

Mid Mod Exterior update as easy as 1, 2, 3

If you want to tune up the mid century charm of your exterior start with three easy steps.

  1. Choose a new front door color
  2. Grab a new mailbox and
  3. Get yourself some new house numbers!

(For more steps, check out this blog post: Perfect your Mid-Century Front Door).

But how can you put those new house numbers to best use?

Design tips for your Modern House Numbers

Use these design details to make sure your numbers are doing the most!

Visibility is key

You can have the best numbers on the block but if you know emergency vehicle can’t find you or even your Uber driver then there’s an issue.

So if you’re a football field away from you know the curb, you might even need two sets of numbers something close to the street as well as something on your home.

Size is a Design detail

Express yourself. If you want to be bold, go big. Even if your house is you know next to the street cool, big, and put a vertical next to your garage door.

Play with placement

For a classic look, line numbers up next to your door – horizontal or vertical – underneath the light.

We’ve seen trends of people putting them above their garage door.

Or build a fence or bench in the front yard, and put them on there. Go big with landscape elements … mixing numbers into the yard on a breezeway block wall or a slatted fence.

Keep Contrast in mind

Think about the surface you’ll mount your numbers on before you choose a color. You want a high contrast (black on white, bronze on black) and/or good lighting to pick up the shadow line and help the numbers “read” easily!

Set the spacing

Or … just let Modern House numbers set the spacing for you. Here’s what Brandy has to say about that:

“For any order that’s placed, we still custom align each number with the appropriate spacing. … You have the installation template, so at the end of the day, you tape up your template, you drill your holes, you install your numbers, and you have a professional look!”

Are you ready to choose your own house numbers adventure? Pop over to their website to compare fonts, finishes and see tons of inspo for how other folks have used their own numbers as a design detail to tune up the whole house exterior!!

Start with the numbers, upgrade the rest later!

Upgrading your house numbers is the kind of easy DIY project you can knock off on a weekend afternoon (or easily hire out). If you’re feeling like your front door needs a facelift … don’t wait.

Even if you are thinking about a bigger home improvement project later – new paint, new siding, or a whole new entry – start with the numbers! Get that satisfaction now and then remove and re-install them again when you get to the next step!!

In Today’s Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How a DIY project lead to the Modern House Numbers we love. 
  • What’s hot in house numbers.
  • Why you shouldn’t wait to start your front door facelift! 

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Della Hansmann  00:00

One of the easiest ways to make the front door of your house shine is to upgrade your house numbers. I’ve been a big fan of one particular company modern house numbers for quite a while. I’ve got their numbers on my house, and I recommend them to a lot of my clients. But I didn’t even know how much I love this company until I sat down with owner Brandy McLain recently.

Della Hansmann  00:20

Today’s episode is our chat about all things house numbers, how she and her husband both trained as architects started by making numbers for their own home and then got asked about them by envious and interested neighbors. So many times they basically had to form a company to deliver on demand. We’ll dig into the details that make for a great house number design, and all the unexpected things you can do to spiff up the numbers on your home.

Della Hansmann  00:44

Hey there, welcome back to mid mob remodel. This is a show about updating MCM homes helping you match a mid century home to your modern life. I’m your host Della Hansmann architect and mid century ranch enthusiast, you’re listening to Season 11 Episode 11.

Della Hansmann  00:59

All right, let’s get right to the point. If you want to tune up the mid century charm of your exterior start with three easy steps. One new front door color, two new mailbox and three new house numbers. By the way, I’ll be sharing a discount code for you to get as a mid mod remodel podcast listener 10% off your modern house numbers right in this episode. If you want to take your mid century exterior upgrade a little further show up on Saturday, March 18 for the two hour live workshop I’m giving on all things mid century exterior.

Della Hansmann  01:31

I’ll have answers to your questions on what to do first and why how to make the right choices about House color accent colors and other elements. How to make the right replacement choices for siding, decking concrete and windows and how to pull together an entire exterior upgrade that will take the mid century charm on your home from modest or muddled to mid mod magnificent.

Della Hansmann  01:51

If you’re not free on Saturday, sign up anyway. The replay of the workshop will be available right after we hold the live event so that you can watch it on your own time or share it with a partner who was unable to catch the goodness live. Find the transcript, the discount code for modern house numbers and the link to sign up for this weekend’s design clinic which among other great benefits now includes a drawing for one free set of house numbers to one of the clinic attendees at mid mod dash midwest.com/ 1111.

Della Hansmann  02:19

Without further ado, here’s my chat with Brandy McLain of modern house numbers.

Della Hansmann  02:23

I wanted to start by thanking you for the delightful hat you said which is so cute is my brand new favorite hat. And I’ll post a picture on Instagram of myself wearing it in a minute. But for anyone that lives in my neighborhood, you’ve already seen it. So darling!

Della Hansmann  02:40

For our listeners, a little backstory. Um, so do you want to tell us a little bit about how it is that you came to run a business selling people gorgeous mid century, well, modern house numbers?

Brandy McLain  02:51

Absolutely. Well, Rick and I met in architecture school. So Rick and I founded the company together. We had always wanted to be entrepreneurs. It’s something that our parents, neither of our parents did, or their parents, but it’s something that we were always really individually passionate about.

Brandy McLain  03:08

And so, I finished my degree in architecture. I have a master’s in urban planning. And so I was working as an urban designer. We bought our first home, which was like a 195 900 square foot, ranch home. In the process, we remodeled interior was awesome. And we got to the outside, we did all the landscaping. We really started from scratch. And when we got to the house numbers, we couldn’t find we wanted to make like a big bold statement. And we couldn’t find what, what we wanted. So we were like, Let’s just make them!

Brandy McLain  03:42

and so we made them, we put them up. And then by like the 10th person knocking on the door, that we didn’t know just walking down the street, asking where we got them. We thought, oh jeez, there’s there’s a niche. There’s a need for this. Other people have this aesthetic want this aesthetic. We wanted to be entrepreneurs; we have full time jobs. But let’s start this on the side and see what happens. And so we are 13 years old right now. And we’ve grown so much bigger than we ever expected we would, thanks to our wonderful customer and those that love mid century modern and modern design.

Brandy McLain  04:22

And so we’re just so fortunate to be here and it’s just fun to go to work every day and to work on something that you love and you’re passionate about it and you can share it with others, and they can express their modern style as well.

Della Hansmann  04:35

I love that and it’s so this resonates so strongly with me when I first started remodeling my house, I didn’t put up official mounts modern house numbers, I was too cheap to buy this sort of Design Within Reach ones. And I was like I hate everything that’s at Home Depot. So I ended up not going to the metal fabrication route which I have questions about that for you in a minute but I actually got some of that just like stick up rice paper you can put on the inside of your windows and carefully cut out in Helvetica font, the numbers from my house and put it on the window, which I think technically wasn’t appropriate for the street.

Della Hansmann  05:13

I still had the exterior modern house numbers up at that point. But I just wanted something that was beautiful, and I wasn’t finding it. So that impulse, I mean, honestly, I run this. My whole design business grew out of I wanted someone to tell me how to remodel a ranch the right way. And no one was telling me, so I started to figure it out and then tell other people I now here I am.

Brandy McLain  05:31

I love it. See it’s pretty good to go work every day, too. I love it so much.

Della Hansmann  05:38

So where did you have the ability to fabricate themselves? Did you find a local fabricator? How’d you make your first numbers?

Brandy McLain  05:45

Sure, my husband had just gotten out of his master’s degree in architecture from MIT. And he had really focused on manufacturing while he was there. And so he was instantly like, you know, I want to be in tune to using technology and how we can you know, best use of material in terms of, you know, we can use technology to really be much more efficient in terms of making products today than we could 50 or 100 years ago.

Brandy McLain  06:16

So to reduce the waste, and we weren’t really wanted to think about sustainability. And so we knew we wanted to do aluminum, because most aluminum that we use anywhere in the world is recycled. So we chose that very quickly. And then with his experience at MIT, we knew we wanted these waterjet cut.

At the time in Tucson, Arizona where we live, there was only one person doing it, and he kind of had a shop in a not so nice area of town and we went down and visited him. Lovely gentleman. We…he has since moved to a larger company, a large corporation, and they do a lot of a waterjet cutting, for mining, for space things that so we are very small customer for them now. But we use a waterjet to cut our products. And that allows us to use the efficiency of the material and to get the real clean, crisp edges on our products.

Della Hansmann  07:17

And it works and then did you have to go then somewhere else to get them powder coated?

Brandy McLain  07:23

When we when we first started, we just offered aluminum. And then we were kind of like, as the company started to grow. We always knew we wanted to do a paint or powder coat. And so again, we kind of dove into that and realize that a powder coat finish lasts much longer because the based on enamel paint instead of just a traditional paint. So we have always thought about we want whatever you put up, whether you take them down if they ruin or not, you know whether it’s a cheap product or not. We wanted you know, sometimes we should replace things sooner than we do. We wanted something that was long lasting. And that, you know, we hope that your numbers out last you.

Brandy McLain  08:03

So we actually went with a powder coat finish because that’s something we thought was important and are just basic business principles. And so we do some powder coating internally. And then because of our volume, we do some, we do use a manufacturer in town that does the powder coating as well.

Della Hansmann  08:25

Oh, that’s so much fun. Yeah, of course it didn’t start off powder. You know, why would you have more complicated process. But this is just clearly organically growing to meet what people are asking for and a mid century house is going to outlast the people that live in it. The numbers should last just as long and it’s so much fun so. So you’re a designer, you’ve got some opinions I’m sure about how your products are best applied.

Della Hansmann  08:55

So I have my own opinions, but I wanted to do some frequently asked questions about modern house numbers. What do you think is the best size for house numbers? And what do you guys have on offer?

Brandy McLain  09:07

Yeah, absolutely. Well, I think maybe to step back just to touch I think visibility is key. You can have the best numbers on the block but if you know emergency vehicle can’t find you or even your Uber driver then there’s an issue.

Brandy McLain  09:22

One I think you need to you know, really make sure your numbers are visible from the street. So if you’re a football field away from you know the curb, you might even need two sets of numbers something close to the street as well as something on your home.

Brandy McLain  09:39

And you know I think throw a little design in this to answer your question to is like you should really express yourself. If you want to be bold, go big. Even if your house is you know next to the street cool, big, and put a vertical next to your garage door. Or, you know, maybe you want to be more simplistic.

Brandy McLain  09:59

You could put simple numbers, you know, next to your door horizontal or vertical next to a light or underneath the light is always a great idea. We’ve seen trends of people putting them, you know, above their garage door. And I really love, and we in our original home had this, we built a bench and our front yard, and we put them on there. But I really love the landscape elements kind of mixing it into the yard either on a breezeway block wall or a slatted fence.

Brandy McLain  10:29

And you know, some customers are super created and create some kind of almost like plaque backing, that matches their home siding, they have some extra siding and might make like some kind of cool backing and put the numbers on them and then kind of put them in the landscape in their yard, I keep looking out to my yard as we’re talking.

Della Hansmann  10:51

It’s such a DIY friendly thing too. Because if even if you are worried about, you know why don’t want to, could I reside my house, that’s kind of a technical thing. But anybody, you can make any type of a yard object, and hopefully you do it well, and it lasts forever. But you know, if you’re just experimenting, you can try it. And then it maybe lasts up to updating in a couple of years. It’s very, like experimental friendly.

I love this list of all places, I have sketched them onto designs for clients of over the garage door, let’s get them vertical, or let’s do a little smaller. I think another thing you’d mentioned was buy a light and having light shine on your modern house numbers is a great idea. And with yours, you get the extra benefit, because there are what’s the word floating. They are mounted on little stopper. So we’re with the original house numbers floating was that always something you wanted? Or is that something you came to after a couple of design iterations?

Brandy McLain  11:47

You know, when we installed ours, and we did make a couple different ones until we just got it right. And then of course, we changed it as we were developing the company. But when we installed ours, we had poured in place block concrete bench in our front yard. And we put the numbers on, and the brushed aluminum created a great contrast. That’s another thing to really think about when you’re selecting a product and creating contrast. Because you know, if the numbers can’t be seen again, then no one’s gonna find you.

Brandy McLain  12:18

So we had put them directly flush onto the, onto the concrete. And then we realized, oh, I don’t know if we’ll quit like that. So then we put on spacers. That’s what we offer today is there’s half inch spacers, you can use them or not use them. Some people choose not to use them. But it creates a nice, subtle shadow. And as the sun you know, rotates over the shadow rotates with the numbers. And also if there’s a light, that will also create more of a contrast for visibility.

Della Hansmann  12:47

Exactly. It’s a daylight shadow line, it’s definitely when you have an artificial light on it creates a shadow line, which helps with contrast, although you’re right, choosing a color that contrasts with whatever the backing material is, whether it’s stone, brick, siding, etc. And you’ve had advice, I thought, when I got my modern house members a couple of years ago, you did a lovely job of sending them along with a printed sort of things spaced out paper that I could put on the wall and think about how it was going to fit and then put the holes in the proper spots.

And I could have cut that paper apart and rearrange them so I could still get the holes in the right spot. You had some advice for how to mount it into siding versus into brick or concrete and things like that. That was that was a couple of three or four years ago, I wonder if this is something you’re always developing as people are asking questions about new materials. And that’s causing me to sort of brainstorm new ways to help people to fix their numbers to their house?

Brandy McLain  13:41

You know, I think most building materials remain the same, there might be a new method of making it, but we don’t get that question very often like of a new material we haven’t heard of. But I think one thing that does set us apart and one thing that we were very intentional when we started the business is we knew that not everyone was going to be a designer like us and might not know I don’t know how many people drove down the street and seeing how somebody’s crooked or these days. So we’re very deliberate to give you know, our, our design experience to all of our customers.

Della Hansmann  14:18

Exactly. Yeah, no, the process was so easy. And of course, I decided to go and make my life harder because I wanted to mount them to a yard fence and then be able to take them off again in the spring, stain in the fence and put them back on. So I went to the hardware store and got threaded rod and bolt backs and whatnot. But it was also such a nice, the system was really easy to customize for me. So I think, yeah, good design always pays off when you’re thinking about how things are manufactured. And also how you get instructions on how to put together.

Brandy McLain  14:18

So any order that’s placed, we still custom align each number with the appropriate spacing, and so it only be aligned horizontally or vertically. But also this thing is already pre calculated for you. So you have one installation template, you’re not taping different templates together and trying to figure out the right alignment and spacing. So at the end of the day, you tip for your template, you drill your holes, you install your numbers, and you have a professional architecture look. And then it was really important to us because again, you could buy the best numbers but if they’re not aligned or they don’t look right or they’re slightly off then it won’t give you the final product that you were really hoping for.

Della Hansmann  15:28

You’re not…all props to IKEA. I love putting together IKEA flat pack stuff, but the instructions are not mysterious for how to install your house members.

Brandy McLain  15:37

How often have you been missing apart?

Della Hansmann  15:41

Right now everything came so nicely. Yeah, you guys do a great job with presentation which, you know, that’s a momentary experience of the lifetime of your house members. But that’s still really nice. So I’m curious about you must have a lot of insight into what people are asking for because you have data about what people are ordering. What’s your most popular color, finish, and font style? I’m really curious.

Brandy McLain  16:06

Yeah, great question. It changes yearly, which is very interesting, not only the size, but the finish. Right now, the most popular is the size is, is typically about the same, I would say six inches, probably the most popular size. I would say our second most popular right now is eight inch, and we offer 4,6,8, 12 and 15. So that’s for the residential customer. Obviously, the 12 and 15 are mostly used for commercial uses except the bold modern enthusiast that wants to make a real big statement.

Brandy McLain  16:40

But in terms of color, matte black isn’t as popular. And that’s a trend that we’ve seen over the last couple years. Of like a darker color were originally like the brushed aluminum was much more popular than the dark finishes. And then the last, you know, probably four years that matte brass is also really popular, I would say particularly with mid century modern, enthusiasts. That’s just a color that was iconic to that time period. So

Della Hansmann  17:12

Yeah, it blends so nicely in with the other material choices and color choices that people are choosing there. It’s interesting. So you don’t I mean, obviously modern house numbers, they could be put on any era of house and everyone who’s listening to this podcast is probably fairly firmly in the mid century camp. But do you have a sense from what people will never tell you what style their house is, but they post photos and tag you and whatnot? Do you have a sense for how many different styles people are putting your modern house numbers on?

Brandy McLain  17:41

I think that’s such an interesting question. Because I think a lot of people assume oh, it’s modern, it’s not for me, you know, maybe if they’re more traditional, but we have seen so many modern house numbers put on very traditional homes and every style of home. And it is it’s just so cool to see that someone could make you know, a small investment and express their personal style, on their home whatever style it is.

But I would say that probably the most common question we get is, is you know, not only about size and color, but about fonts. And what is the most popular font, we a lot of people ask that or whether they’ll send us pictures of their home and say, you know, like they do with you as well and say, you know, what should we choose, and I always like to give people a couple options. Our most popular font is the Palm Springs font.

Brandy McLain  18:36

But you know, it’s nice to have like a contrast and see maybe a little bit more curve or something a little thinner or I love when customers next numbers and letters together like they might spell out one and two in the numbers. So I love the creativity that our customers come up with, we try to give some inspiration to you with our design background. It’s really popular right now a couple years ago just when the photo with the lowercase no. and then like double size modern house numbers like 52 to go next to it. And it has been a popular ever since we posted one photo.

Della Hansmann  19:15

So you know, you said that, and I immediately call to mind one or possibly a range of Instagram photos that I’ve seen come across your feed of that. Yeah, it’s so cute. And it’s really fun. I mean, this is not an expensive part of your home remodel. So people do people often spell out their whole house number with letters.

Brandy McLain  19:34

It’s very popular with our Santa Barbara font, which is more of a traditional curve font for people to spell out they’re like 22 seven or whatever it might be. That’s very popular in particular in that font.

Della Hansmann  19:48

That’s a fun thing to do too. If like you said at the beginning of the conversation if you need to put your house number in two places on the house and out by the curb to do one of them as just numerals and one of them spelled out.

Della Hansmann  19:59

I think I mean, that’s again, that’s something I draw into my clients designs a lot, because I just think it’s a fun way to put something visual on the house. You’re choosing a color or a metal finish for it that can tie in with other things. So maximize it have fun. Do you find people come to you for a lot of other things besides just their street numbers, I know you do like plaques with negative space cutouts. Do people do brand logos or things like that?

Brandy McLain  20:24

yeah, we do logos for customers. And some custom home builders that we do will put their logo in like a house plaque. So they have the address numbers, and then their logo, which kind of just identifies it as their own product that’s custom. We, you know, have done things for universities and for their different towns and cities.

Della Hansmann  20:50

That’s really fun. As a as the business runner that makes it really interesting and exciting. So for homeowners, that’s just a fun fact. But that’s Yeah, I think that’s really interesting. Is it available? If somebody wanted to talk to you about like a custom logo for their house? Is that a sort of thing you might do? Or does it need to be a bigger order?

Brandy McLain  20:50

And we do have a large commercial base that uses this as well. And so we will do all wayfinding signs, like within a condo complex in New York, for example, or things like that, as in five different floors, or where the elevator the restroom or things like that. So we love doing custom stuff, too.

That’s one thing that keeps Rick and I really interested in the business. You think that every week of our orders would be really similar, but no week is ever the same. And it’s really fun to get something big or custom in and, and to work on it. And that’s really exciting for us. So we still do lots of custom proofs for customers each week, whether it be a residential customer is trying to decide between the couple of fonts or finishes, or commercial projects where we’re designing all custom signage for it.

Brandy McLain  21:57

No, no, we do custom stuff all the time. So we will do custom fonts. So if someone has a particular font that they want to use, especially to a certain era,

Brandy McLain  22:07

Or yeah, custom logo or something that just symbolizes them or their family, you know, yeah, we do stuff like that all the time. We’ve done waves like someone wanted their address numbers with a plaque with a wave on it because their family lived on the ocean. And it was really special to them. So we’ve done names for you know, kids’ rooms that go on the doors, and we had someone order for their kitchen, vinyl, which we do mailbox numbers that match our address numbers, but they ordered vinyl that was like coffee, tea, and they stuck it on all of their exposed containers in their in their kitchen.

Brandy McLain  22:47

So I love to see the creativity and what people come up with.

Della Hansmann  22:51

That is so much fun. Oh, that’s great. And now before we started recording, we were chatting about you, you’ve grown, you really have a team of how many people do you have on your staff now.

Brandy McLain  23:01

So we have just under 30 people on our staff, and they vary from recognize, we always have a couple of high school students on staff, and then we have retirees as well. So we have a full range of a gamut of ages, we also always have a college student or two, because the University of Arizona isn’t our town. And we feel really that it’s really important to support students and provide them at a professional experience before entering the workplace. And my dad works for us as well, and several of our very close friends. So it’s very much a family environment. And it’s such a pleasure to go to work with it work every day, and to work with people that are passionate about what we’re passionate about, and to share our personal interests as well.

Della Hansmann  23:47

That’s so much fun. I imagine you know; you’re making a product, you’re shipping it. So what is the part of the process that takes the most person hours to get numbers to people?

Brandy McLain  23:59

Well, there’s a lot of legwork that goes into every order before and orders even purse purchase in terms of, you know, website design, keeping up inspiration with photos, everything that we do on our social media accounts and all that stuff is very fun. But once an order comes in, like I said, we it’s not just like these, you know, common products are purchased and then we’re boxing them we make everything custom made to order.

Brandy McLain  24:27

So when an order comes in, we have designers including myself that will take the actual numbers 1234 and alignments and get the spacing just correct. And from there, you know, we’ll print a template for that order and then we’ll move actually the order the numbers into the manufacturing process with a water jet. So I would say that initial setup and kind of getting the product moving is probably the most time intensive part of the process.

Della Hansmann  24:59

And you do you have a couple preset ones? Or are they are they sitting on a shelf somewhere your quick ship? Or are they just your fastest turnaround process.

Brandy McLain  25:09

So with the quick ship, that’s something that’s newer for us. And we just expanded it as the new year to offer we’ve always offered for. And we’ve always offered six inch springs, black and aluminum. But we expanded it to include some letters A through E, because it seems really common that people might have like a second unit. So we have included some initial like numbers, and then our letters, I mean, and then we’ve included four to eight inch sizes. Now, because those are currently our most popular size.

Brandy McLain  25:42

We created the quick ship prop products, because we’re all just so used to instant gratification, or someone might also have like a home inspection and need the numbers now. So we, you know, had experienced like trying to rush things for customers, and we really didn’t keep any inventory. And so we thought, well, let’s do this, see how it goes. It’s been a real big success for us. So we do still custom make all of those products, just like we do our other products that we sell, but we do keep those in inventory so that we could ship them out if someone needs them right away through the quick ship program.

Brandy McLain  26:19

So something we’re still exploring and expanding and trying new things with. But that’s the front fun part of the business. Really.

Della Hansmann  26:26

It is it is, and you know, we were all a little spoiled on instant gratification these days. But I actually think it’s kind of fun to just realize that this is this is it’s not just a small business, it’s custom made, there’s a human eye on the design of every piece of it. And that’s, to me, that’s really fun. It’s getting to choose the combination of the font, the finish how it’s going to be set up and knowing that you guys are participating in that. That’s really exciting. I could keep chatting about this for a while. But before I let you go, I wanted to say I noticed that there was a sale on your website. How long does that go on for?

Brandy McLain  27:00

Yeah, so we do have a sale right now. But I was gonna extend to your customers in particular and your followers a custom sell does for you guys. Oh, these Feel free. So the sale that we have currently will be ending in about a week. But this, the sale that’s for you guys will go much longer. So it’s going to be midmodremodel10, the number 10. So enter that at checkout, and you’ll get 10% off your order.

Della Hansmann  27:27

So sweet.

Brandy McLain  27:28

We so appreciate what you do and the great influences that you’re leaving, leaving many homeowners and their process and we want to support you and we appreciate you supporting us as well.

Della Hansmann  27:41

Well, it’s definitely a mutual admiration society. And for everybody, I will put I’ll put the text for that into the show notes. So you can go and find it and go. If you don’t have modern house members on your house yet. I don’t know why you don’t. But now’s a great time to get started. And I’ll definitely be recommending this to everybody that comes to this weekend’s mid century exteriors clinic.

Della Hansmann  28:05

Because it’s one of my, I literally have three first steps for if you want to upgrade your home, a fun color on your front door, a new mailbox and fun new modern house numbers. And that’s just the easiest thing you can do. From there, there’s all sorts of architecture you can get into to make your house more three dimensional, more welcoming, more private, more social, the very first thing you can do is just have some fun color around it and have great modern house numbers. Anything you want to make sure everybody knows about house numbers before I let you go? I’ll put you on spot there.

Brandy McLain  28:33

Yeah, I think like you were just mentioning about something we haven’t talked about, like by adding you know, modern house numbers, mailbox, painting your front door, you know, as you mentioned, these are quick things you can do in a couple hours that aren’t going to break the bank, you know. It’s something you could do yourself or quickly hire a contractor to do. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two to do any of those things. But it could really change the curb appeal of your home.

Brandy McLain  29:00

So, you know, I think a lot of us wait, and we’re like, oh, we’ll do that, you know, when it’s summer we’ll do this or that don’t hold back. Because most of the times when we finish projects like that, we go, oh my gosh, why didn’t we do that years ago. So you know, some people might even have their house numbers sitting in a box somewhere, pull those out, put them up, you know, nothing’s ever going to be perfect.

Brandy McLain  29:24

And so don’t try to do it all at once do things in stages and steps and you know, sometimes we have more time or more resources, do what you can when you can because if you wait too long, nothing’s ever gonna be perfect or there’s ever going to be the perfect time.

Della Hansmann  29:38

I could not agree more. That is you know, and then I think too, we were talking about beginning of how sturdy your numbers are. You can put them on right now as part of a weekend satisfaction process. And then come back a year from now and update your siding paint. Put on a small front porch edition. And those house numbers are sturdy enough they’ll come off and then go right back on again.  So don’t wait for your big project to do your quick satisfaction project.

Brandy McLain  30:05

Yeah, and if you don’t like them, you can move on. No big deal.

Della Hansmann  30:08

There you go. Exactly. Well, this has been such a pleasure. Thank you.

Brandy McLain  30:13

Thank you.

Della Hansmann  30:17

Okay, that was delightful. Here’s the takeaway. Your house numbers say so much about your home and your style. Go check out modern house numbers right now for some great ideas and some easy to add elements for your home update. Don’t forget to use the discount code that Brandy just shared.

Della Hansmann  30:33

Or if you want your shot at a free set of house numbers, plus some great comprehensive home exterior improvement advice. I will see you at the clinic on Saturday. Sign up at midmod-midwest.com/clinic. If you haven’t saved your seat yet, find the transcript the links and the other show notes for this episode at midmod-midwest.com/1111.

Della Hansmann  30:54

Next week on the podcast, we’ll be shifting gears just slightly to talk about your specific midcentury style. Stay tuned for a four episode series on how to identify and make the most what mid mod means to you. See you then and on Saturday!