How do I un flip my mid-century house?

26 min read Straight outta the DM’s “Do you have an un-flip quick start guide?” If you’re wondering what there might be to salvage about your farmhouse flipped mid-century house, the short answer is there’s plenty.

I encounter many brutal flip examples of mid-century homes through both students and clients. Kitchens that look like a Home Depot display. Vast expanses of gray LVP flooring. So many six panel doors. Like so, so many. 

What do you do when someone beat you to the mid-century home of your dreams and stripped the charm right out of it? Can you ever go back? Well, sure you can. And you may even find that the flippers did you a few favors. 

One of the things about a flipped house is that it becomes hard to see what is possible. And to hone in on what could change when it isn’t possible to roll the whole thing back. 

In Today’s Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How to de-farmhouse your fireplace. (Sadly, you probably won’t be able to unpaint the brick.) 
  • Strategies for deciding which changes to invest in undoing/redoing and which to work around.
  • Quick changes that will shift you homes’ feel from farmhouse flip to mid mod fab. 
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