How to Choose Mid-century Materials for your Kitchen

2 min read The right finishes can make or break your Kitchen update. How to choose Mid-century Materials that will make your kitchen shine!

Will your kitchen remodel stand the test of time or look dated in five short years?  One of the best ways to make sure that your kitchen update won’t feel immediately out of date is to seed it with ideas from the original idea.  So, if your house was built in the MCM era, looking to mid-century materials for inspiration is the way to go!

Today’s episode breaks down what you need to consider when you plan for the finished and fittings of your kitchen update, how to organize your plans for easy use and why you need to construct a Style Guide for the remodel to keep everything running smoothly.

To keep your the mid-century materials for your remodel cohesive, make sure you are working with a style guide for the project.  Grab my free workbook to help you create a style guide for your own remodel right here!  

Mid-century Materials for a Kitchen Update

In Today’s Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How to set your remodel plans by aligning them with the house’s origin story [1:05]
  • Why it may be impossible to fully trend-proof your remodel but why you should try [3:25]
  • How to use a style guide to simplify and streamline your mid-century material choices [5:25]
  • A run down of good material choices for the kitchen [6:40]
  • The “pick two” rule for making beautifully designed mid-century material choices [10:20]
  • When to make bold choices for your remodel [11:55]
  • Where to find ideas and how to organize them [12:45]

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