Kitchen Building Code Issues to Know before you Remodel

3 min read Avoid expensive surprises when you know the kitchen building code issues that may come up during planning and construction of your MCM update!

Let’s talk about our friend the building code.  Why am I so excited about this topic that usually elicits a set  of grumpy complaints?  Because the kitchen building code and the inspectors who enforce it are meant to keep us safe and secure.

we assume that our buildings will "work."  The Kitchen Building Code is what makes that happen

Following code needn’t be a hassle or make you tie your design process into knots.  As long as you can see potential kitchen code issues coming you can address them with ease.  So let’s pay close attention to some kitchen building code issues today.  With a little  knowledge in your back pocket, you’ll be ready to confidently talk to designers, installers, sub contractors and city officials about what you plan for your kitchen building code compliant home update!

My goal isn’t to make you an expert on the building code. You don’t need to be one. But if you have a general idea of the code issues that may come up when you remodel, you’ll be able to ask the right questions of your handy experts and know when people are providing you with good advice or giving you the run around!

Ultimately, unless you are DIY-ing your whole project, any professional you hire should be well up on local code and will be responsible for following it.  But if you know what to expect before you pick up the phone to solicit a bid, you’ll be better prepared for the advice they give and the cost they quote for the work.

Ask an Expert about Kitchen Building Code

If you want to be sure what the rules are in your specific municipality: Make a call or an appointment to talk in person to local building code officials.  It never hurts to keep them in the loop and they will be the best at pointing out or finding out the info you need.

Kitchen Building Code Questions to ask your Building Department

In Today’s Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why knowing some of the details about the kitchen building code can be important to you … even if you are hiring professionals to do all of the work [1:40]
  • What to ask about in a call with your friendly neighborhood building inspector [2:50]
  • Some history of how building codes came to exist in America and their pervasive influence on our built environment [5:00]
  • Electrical Building Code for kitchens [9:00]
  • Exhaust and venting needs for modern kitchens [11:00]
  • Structural Code issues that might come up with a kitchen remodel [11:15]
  • Zoning Code adjacent issues (if you plan to add on with your kitchen update) [12:00]
  • Fire Safety Code that  comes up for Mid-Century Kitchen Projects [12:20]

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