Mid-Century Bath Design Basics 

21 min read Make the most of your bathroom remodel with these essential mid-century bath design concepts. Get just the mcm style you’re going for, whether you are upgrading, backdating or starting from scratch.

Most mid-century bathrooms are pretty modest by modern standards. They tend to be small and there often are too few of them in the house. Upgrading or restoring the mid-century charm in a bathroom while making it work better is one of the most consistent requests from both design clients and Ready to Remodel students.

So, how can you give yourself a serious bathroom upgrade while remaining true to the mcm feel of you home? The right choices for you are going to depend on your family and your taste and the home you’re working with. 

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Bedroom Storage Secrets

19 min read Looking for clever bedroom storage solutions designed to fit into to your (modest) mid-century bedroom? These bedroom storage secrets will help you create a mid mod inspired space that meets your modern storage needs.

Bedroom storage in mid-century homes leaves a lot to be desired!

So how can you and your mid century bedroom have at all? Is it even possible to make a space with ample bedroom storage, peaceful sleeping area, de facto, laundry folding station, and maybe a little work from home spot too?

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Add a high-end owners’ suite in situ

3 min read You can create a high-end owners’ suite without moving walls. Floating storage and built-ins, along with just the right nudges elevate without adding space.

Here’s what we were dealing with: a bland owners’ suite lacking mid-century charm and functional storage.

This charming 1956 ranch already had a functional floor plan. The clients wanted an mcm feel for the bathroom upgrade and better storage, without too much disruption. Luckily for these clients hoping to concentrate their budget in other areas, busting down walls is not the only way to add a high-end owners’ suite.

Our goal was to liven up the existing owners’ bathroom with minimal changes to the plumbing and consider the overall bed/bath situation in the private areas. We focused on creating a more charming en suite with updated finishes and reclaiming the second bath from some unfortunate renovation decisions by a former owner.

Our Owners’ Suite Solutions

Our three schemes provide options at every level of renovation. A slight tweak can yield significant changes. Cleverly placed floating storage and full-height built-ins can transform a space without tanking the budget. Plus, they allow for generous high-end storage within a smaller footprint than a walk-in closet. Snagging a few inches from a closet discreetly broadens a bathroom for a more comfortable experience.

SCHEME 1 – A Small Tweak for a Transformation

SCHEME 2 – Extend, Nudge and Scooch 

SCHEME 3 – A Storage Filled Sanctuary

Hoping for an (almost) demo-free owners’ suite upgrade?

Steal the space you need for an owners’ suite

3 min read Stealing (space) pays off big when it allows you to create a fabulous high end owner’s suite.

Here’s what we were dealing with: a neglected home, but with many quintessential MCM details intact. The existing bedrooms were functional, but the bathroom and powder room arrangement was very snug.

This 1955 home was a fantastic one-of-a-kind mid-century design! The existing layout could still be very functional for modern living with few changes. Some beautiful and interesting elements remained intact – including paneling, original windows, and slate flooring in the entry. There is a significant possibility that two or more generations will live in the house together at various times and that the oldest generation will age in place.  

Our goal was to combine space from nearby rooms to create an true owners’ suite with accessibility features for aging in place. We also wanted to carve out a true second bathroom on the main level. 

Our Stolen Owner’s Suite Solutions

Our three schemes allow the owners options at every level of renovation. We proposed several ways to combine space from nearby rooms to create a true owners’ suite and a true second bathroom. Built-ins allow for generous high end storage within a smaller footprint than a walk in closet.  

SCHEME 1 – Modernize with Small Moves

SCHEME 2 – Beg, Steal and Borrow

SCHEME 3 – High End (Space) Heist

Want to learn how to create an owners’ suite to crime for?

Adding sweet primary suite storage

3 min read Whether you choose open clothes storage, walk in closets or built-in wardrobes, storage solutions can transform your owners’ suite into a relaxing retreat.

Here’s what we were dealing with: A storage SOS from a less than stellar primary suite.

This a 1960 split level had a defining window arrangement that was worth saving. But the storage in the primary bedroom was less than functional and the bathroom was in dire need of an update. For this couple storage was key. They wanted a space that was easy to wake up in, smoothed their path into the day and helped them avoid chaos and clutter. 

Our goal was to reimagine the layout of the space to make it more comfortable and fill it with practical storage. Designing with those tasty windows in mind, we worked out a range of possibilities from simple finish updates to a more lavish bed and bath improvement.

Our Sweet Solutions

With each of the following layouts, we designed ways to add practical storage, a feeling of spaciousness and visual connection to the great wall of windows. We also provided furniture layout options for more privacy.

Scheme 1 – Welcoming Walk-through Closet

Scheme 2 – Low and Loving It

Scheme 3 – Closed Up Clothing Storage

Want a sweet owners’ suite of your own?

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Right sizing an oversized owners’ suite

3 min read Partition walls, built-in storage, freestanding furniture and even area rugs can help balance an oversized owners’ suite.

Here’s what we were dealing with: an architecturally significant Keck & Keck home constructed with amazing materials and amenities. There had been a few unfortunate renovations, but much of the original charm remained.

This oversized 1950 single-story ranch had space to spare! The owners learned that oversized rooms can be just as troublesome as undersized rooms, especially when it comes to private spaces. They need assistance with space and storage planning, as well as choosing updated finishes in the owners’ suite.

Our goal was to define space in this oversized owners’ suite using a combination of built-ins, walk-in storage and furniture placement. Spa-like bathroom amenities transform it into a true oasis. 

Our Right-Sized Solutions

Our solutions balance the space using built-in storage, freestanding furniture and new routes into and through the bedroom. We propose walk-in and walk-by storage options, bath improvements from a facelift to a fuller renovation (keeping plumbing in place) and various entry points. 

Scheme 1 – Preserve and Improve

Scheme 2 – Add and Upgrade

Scheme 3 – Elevate and Enrich

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