Steal the space you need for an owners’ suite

3 min read Stealing (space) pays off big when it allows you to create a fabulous high end owner’s suite.

Here’s what we were dealing with: a neglected home, but with many quintessential MCM details intact. The existing bedrooms were functional, but the bathroom and powder room arrangement was very snug.

This 1955 home was a fantastic one-of-a-kind mid-century design! The existing layout could still be very functional for modern living with few changes. Some beautiful and interesting elements remained intact – including paneling, original windows, and slate flooring in the entry. There is a significant possibility that two or more generations will live in the house together at various times and that the oldest generation will age in place.  

Our goal was to combine space from nearby rooms to create an true owners’ suite with accessibility features for aging in place. We also wanted to carve out a true second bathroom on the main level. 

Our Stolen Owner’s Suite Solutions

Our three schemes allow the owners options at every level of renovation. We proposed several ways to combine space from nearby rooms to create a true owners’ suite and a true second bathroom. Built-ins allow for generous high end storage within a smaller footprint than a walk in closet.  

SCHEME 1 – Modernize with Small Moves

SCHEME 2 – Beg, Steal and Borrow

SCHEME 3 – High End (Space) Heist

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