Plan A Doable DIYable Remodel for your MCM Home

3 min read Yes, you CAN plan the remodel your family needs right now. Meet challenging times by planning your home update as a Doable DIYable remodel!

You’ve had plenty of time to consider closely how your house is or isn’t meeting your family’s needs right now.  It is clear that your home might need a few updates. But there are some new challenges tacked on to the process of a remodel at the moment. Still, I don’t want you to loose hope that you can make the changes you need.  This is where the doable DIY remodel comes in.  

I’ve talked and written before about three levels on the spectrum of home remodeling. They range from easy, one off DIY projects (Level One) through a fully contractor-led home overhaul (Level Three). Somewhere in the middle is a remodel that you manage (or physically hammer out) yourself, spread out over several phase

Let’s talk about that today.

You CAN plan to take on the remodel your family needs right now. But current challenges may mean you need to adjust your plans:

  • Tweak the timing
  • Adjust the scope
  • Modify the the budget
  • And, rather than planning a full contractor led overhaul to happen all at once this year … you might choose to re-focus on a Level Two remodel.

Keep these in mind to Plan a Doable DIYable remodel

Make sure you’re up for the job

With enthusiasm, time and youtube, you can figure out how to handle nearly any home update task but if you’re a remodeling novice, plan more time and more help into your project!

Be realistic about your skill level, time and budget as you plan your attack

Have (and Keep) a strong Vision for the Project

When planning a multi-phase DIY remodel you MUST have a Masterplan for the project! Don’t just work your way around the house if you want to avoid painting yourself into a corner. Scope out the whole project and go through a real design process. Not sure how? Check out last week’s episode:

More: Your Roadmap Thru a Mid Mod Remodel You Can Love

Set your Set List with Care

It’s up to you what order to take each project or phase which means you can improve your favorite room first or rescue your least favorite.

You can work outside in nice weather and inside when its cold (or super hot).

Do make sure that the projects you take on in the future don’t have a negative impact on the ones you’ve already done.

Need more help … give the episode a listen!

In Today’s Episode, you’ll hear …

  • A quick recap of my Three Levels Theory of home remodel planning – from Easy one off DIY projects (Level One) through fully contractor led home overhaul (Level Three) [1:05]
  • Just why A Level Two remodel – A Doable DIYable remodel – is a great choice to meet the current moment [4:10]
  • How to plan a remodel like this with confidence [5:25]
  • Five reasons why I love a self-directed, phased remodel so much [4:45]
  • The Level Two remodel is a bit of a neglected middle child from a design perspective … and how I am to change that [10:30]
  • A rant: Design ? Should ? Always ? Come ? Before ? Construction no matter what scale your project is [11:45]
  • … with a shout out to my Instagram friend Elin Walters of @exactlydesigns and her recent story of homeowners who unfortunately missed this message [13:00]
  • And how choosing a Doable DIYable remodel for your home means you’ll never accidentally skip the design phase. Huzzah [14:40]

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