How to Choose Mid-century Materials for your Kitchen

2 min read The right finishes can make or break your Kitchen update. How to choose Mid-century Materials that will make your kitchen shine!

Will your kitchen remodel stand the test of time or look dated in five short years?  One of the best ways to make sure that your kitchen update won’t feel immediately out of date is to seed it with ideas from the original idea.  So, if your house was built in the MCM era, looking to mid-century materials for inspiration is the way to go!

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Kitchen Building Code Issues to Know before you Remodel

3 min read Avoid expensive surprises when you know the kitchen building code issues that may come up during planning and construction of your MCM update!

Let’s talk about our friend the building code.  Why am I so excited about this topic that usually elicits a set  of grumpy complaints?  Because the kitchen building code and the inspectors who enforce it are meant to keep us safe and secure.

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Solving Mid-century Kitchen Layout Problems

2 min read Feeling frustrated by mid-century kitchen layout problems? Don’t reinvent the wheel; learn how other people with houses just like yours have updated their kitchens!

Today, we are going to talk about mid-century kitchen layout problems.  Nearly every ranch kitchen has a layout that can be problematic for the way a modern family likes to use their cooking and eating space.  

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The History of the Mid-Century Kitchen with Sarah Archer

2 min read Today I talk with Sarah Archer, author of The Mid-Century Kitchen: America’s Favorite Room from Workspace to Dreamscape. We dig into the history of the mid-century Kitchen and how it came to be.

Today’s episode is an interview with Sarah Archer, author of the Mid-century Kitchen. I’m so excited to share this conversation about the history of the mid-century kitchen we all love so much.

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Get What You Really Want out of your Kitchen Update

2 min read In many ways the kitchen update serves as a microcosm of your whole home remodel. It is just as complicated and important alone as a whole house overhaul can be.

There’s a saying that the kitchen is the heart of your home.  That’s a little trite, but still true.  The kitchen update is THE first element that I hear about from new clients wanting to plan a remodel.  In any house, of any era, the kitchen is one of the most complex, expensive, and personally specific parts of the house.  

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The Style Guide you need to Keep your Remodel On Track

2 min read Use a personal style guide to make choices about your remodel up: you’ll have less stress and a more beautiful result!

I’ve talked about the value of design planning SO MUCH you might be sick of it.  If so, sorry, not sorry.  Your remodel is your home. It’s important!  Creating a master plan for your home update will help you prioritize what you and your home need most … then make it happen! But you also need to keep an eye on the details. Creating a Style Guide for your project works to keep those “little” things on track the same way.

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Add Accessibility when you Remodel a Ranch

3 min read Mid-century Ranch houses are pretty easy to get around for people with disabilities, especially with few key upgrades to add accessibility!

Mid-Century ranch houses appeal to just about everyone. They are great starter homes for young families and just as great for couples looking to age in place over time. They also work well for people with disabilities … especially with a few essential updates. Today let’s talk about how to make sure your remodel improves your home’s accessibility!

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Collier Heights: Vintage MCM by and for Black Americans

2 min read What Collier Heights, a stunning MCM neighborhood built by and for Black people outside Atlanta Georgia, can teach about racism in America.

Today, let’s chat about the gorgeous mid-century modern neighborhood of Collier Heights in Atlanta, Georgia which was planned for, built by, and lived in by Black Atlantans.

Note: This isn’t a story about a silver lining to the bad situation that is racism.  Nor is it any kind of an example of solutions that point the a way forward today.  (We will not make America better by building better quality segregated spaces.)

Instead, I see the history of Collier Heights and the dedicated citizens who built it as example of making lemonade out of some pretty sour lemons. 

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Love yourself? Love your home!

3 min read Our homes – where we spend the majority of our hours – profoundly shape our lives. That should inform the way we plan a remodel!

If planning a remodel seems like a superficial thing to be discussing right now, I want to tell you that I believe it is ANYTHING BUT.  The space we live in defines our experience of life.  Why not help that space be its best so that it can help us in turn.  If you love yourself, you should love your home too.

It will love you back!

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