Plan your remodel like your last perfect vacation.

16 min read How is a remodel like a vacation? Well, if you’ve ever planned a vacation that was truly perfect for you, then you already know how to plan your remodel.

I’m often asked, “What does it cost to remodel a kitchen right now?”

Wow! That depends on so many factors. 

I might as well ask you, “What does it cost to go on vacation?”

Well, you might tell me that depends. Are you planning a sort of staycation to visit a few museums from an Airbnb in a nearby city? Or are you backpacking across South America? Or touring the luxe cities of the Mediterranean? Is it a package cruise or a DIY adventure? 

There are as many types of home remodels, as there are different ways to travel away from home!

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Best Of Mid Mod Remodel: Why You Need a Design Before You Make a Budget

11 min read Why you should design your remodel before you set the budget. You’ll love the results more … and it might even save you money!

This week’s episode is a classic from the Mid Mod Remodel archive. You can find the original episode and resources at www.midmod-midwest.com/604.

The common wisdom is that you should save up money for a remodel and then plan one that fits your budget. 

I want to pitch an alternate plan. It can be better to let the design drive the budget, rather than the other way around. Let’s talk about diving into your master plan before you decide what your home update should cost.

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Can I start planning BEFORE I have a home remodel budget saved up?

10 min read You might be doing your home remodel budget the wrong way …

Surprise bonus podcast episode today. This one goes out to all the homeowners waiting to plan, or dream about home improvement projects until you’ve saved up the home remodel budget. 

I hope you’ll take this the right way when I tell you … you’re doing it wrong.

I know … you’re being responsible.  You’re waiting to plan util you’ve got the budget in the bank.  But … ACTUALLY it’s more responsible for you to plan your remodel now, before you have the budget for it than to blindly save for years and then start planning. Let’s talk about why.

Starting to plan when you feel ready to start remodeling is too late for a satisfyingly speedy process. And Saving without a plan is actually pretty unrealistic.  So if your question was: Della, how can I plan before I have my home remodel budget saved up? 

I’ll ask you this, how could realistically budget when you don’t yet know what you want to do?

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