Living Space Plus Loft

3 min read The right addition creates great wfh and hangout space.

Here’s what we were dealing with: A mid-century modest 1952 ranch resting on a fairly large lot with a lot of trees. A screened porch was doing little to connect to the great yard and the family was craving a way to create a family room and kitchen that would flow together.

Our goal was to design an addition in step with the original time period of the 1950’s ranch that could become what the clients called their Love Shack – the central focus of the home and a place for the whole family to connect.

Our Lofted Love Shack Designs

We provided options at three scales, including the must have elements in each. First we follow the existing roof line and stick to the existing construction type of the house, creating a “cross gable” addition on one level that pushes out further into the yard. Next we contrast the existing house with a lighthouse shaped addition that creates a lovely lantern effect. Finally, we split the difference quite literally with a split level addition with room for both a small mudroom and office.

Scheme 1 – Follow the existing roof line

Scheme 2 – Pop up “lantern” style Love Shack

Scheme 3 – Split the difference

Looking to add onto your modest mid-century home?