Extending a Social Hub

Here’s what we were dealing with: a cramped, closed kitchen.

This 1955 home is small and the like it that way. BUT they need a smidge more kitchen space and better flow between space. They hoped to transform the kitchen into a tidy and organized spot both cooks will enjoy.

Our goal was to create an even stronger connection to the back yard and increase the flow between spaces so day to day functions are easier. We wanted to expand the kitchen and dining space to create sufficient prep and social areas and to include spaces for sitting and thinking, reading or doing a fun project or a little work within the social area.

Our Extension Solutions

There was a great opportunity to focus social spaces on the much loved yard. We provided options that preserve the kitchen location with a smart stair shift, one that maintained the stair and bumped the kitchen and explored rotating the spaces around the kitchen to get a really great addition.

Scheme 1

Scheme 2

Scheme 3

Think a kitchen addition is what you need?