A Basement That Works 

2 min read Find the perfect WFH spot in the space you already have.

Here’s what we were dealing with: This 1952 basic ranch had a basement with plenty of space but not much style. With the right updates it could be the perfect spot for a cool home office, plus guest area. The bathroom needed a serious upgrade to be guest-worthy and the balance of the basement needed the right divisions for everything to work. 

Our goal was to build a snazzy right-sized office with sound privacy, while reserving space for guest stays. Bonus points were awarded for including a potter’s corner. 

Our WFH Basement Solutions

We provided both an option that claims lots of currently finished and unfinished, along with a version concentrated in the existing finished footprint. Both options improved the bathroom in place for ease and savings on plumbing costs.   

SCHEME 1 – Bigger and Better for Both Uses

SCHEME 2 – Efficient Use of Finished Space

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