Essential Mid-Century Resources to Get You Started!

3 min read A rundown of 11 essential mid-century resources to get you started in planning an MCM remodel. Learn the best articles, books, blogs, shops and sources!

I don’t know about you, but when I get into a topic, I really go down the rabbit hole. So, of course, I love to stay up on my reading regarding Mid-Century Resources. Do you?

Knowing the context of the time period and design thinking that created our favorite mid mod looks helps us figure out how to recreate them or update them for ourselves. So there’s some healthy hardcover reading ahead, but I’m not JUST sending you off to visit Amazon or your local library. I mean … yes, there will be books – there will be books on design and history and some are amazingly fun reads.

However, if you’re in the mood for something a little more skimmable or more basic how-to’s, I’ve got you covered there as well. I’ll even throw in two of my favorite sources for finding and making cool MCM stuff for your house. So, this is a list for shoppers as well. So strap in, and enjoy the ride.

I’ve broken my recommendations down into five categories: quick overviews, best design books, best history books, remodeling, how to advice, and sources of cool MCM stuff.

If you want more items from any one of these topics, check out my longer list in the blog post: YOUR MUST HAVE MID-CENTURY RANCH RESOURCE LIST. Or, just jump to the download checklist (right below this paragraph). It’s got lots of things that I don’t have time to mention in one bite-sized podcast.

In today’s Episode, you’ll hear …

  • That the Mid Mod Remodel Podcast now has its own dedicated instagram account! (Check it out @midmodremodelpodcast) [2:20]
  • My favorite introductions to MCM style [3:30]
  • The best books to check out if you want to give yourself a thorough overview of mid-century design and the way to remodel a ranch [5:08]
  • Plus a bonus … if you’re going to remodel … ANYTHING … you need to read Sarah Susanka’s Not So Big Remodel. [7:24]
  • Two really excellent MCM history books to let you broaden your expertise in the mid-century period [8:47]
  • A pair of absolutely necessary online reference tools for anyone who wants to DIY their mid-century home update [11:20]
  • And two (out of an easy dozen off the top of my head) super places to go look for tools and supplies to buy and use on your MCM house. Let’s take your Mid-Century Cool Factor up several notches [13:17]
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Want More Mid-Century Resources?

Still want more? I’ve covered this topic before in a handy blog post. It will give you a couple dozen handy mid-century resources, with little explanations of why each one is SO GREAT. Check it out below.


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