Plan A Doable DIYable Remodel for your MCM Home

3 min read Yes, you CAN plan the remodel your family needs right now. Meet challenging times by planning your home update as a Doable DIYable remodel!

You’ve had plenty of time to consider closely how your house is or isn’t meeting your family’s needs right now.  It is clear that your home might need a few updates. But there are some new challenges tacked on to the process of a remodel at the moment. Still, I don’t want you to loose hope that you can make the changes you need.  This is where the doable DIY remodel comes in.  

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Your Roadmap Thru a Mid Mod Remodel You Can Love

2 min read I made this for you: a roadmap you can use to plan a remodel that will be flexible through changing circumstances.

I thought about calling calling this weeks episode a guide to get you to your ideal remodel but in actual fact … its much more a roadmap through the remodel process. 

Today I want to share with you the steps I see as absolutely essential when you’re planning an update for your mid-century ranch.  

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Collier Heights: Vintage MCM by and for Black Americans

2 min read What Collier Heights, a stunning MCM neighborhood built by and for Black people outside Atlanta Georgia, can teach about racism in America.

Today, let’s chat about the gorgeous mid-century modern neighborhood of Collier Heights in Atlanta, Georgia which was planned for, built by, and lived in by Black Atlantans.

Note: This isn’t a story about a silver lining to the bad situation that is racism.  Nor is it any kind of an example of solutions that point the a way forward today.  (We will not make America better by building better quality segregated spaces.)

Instead, I see the history of Collier Heights and the dedicated citizens who built it as example of making lemonade out of some pretty sour lemons. 

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Housing Discrimination and Racism in Mid-Century America

3 min read There’s a dark side to the MCM era that we love … it was also an era of overt housing discrimination which cut Black Americans out of decades of post war prosperity building. Let’s talk about that today.

This isn’t the episode I was planning to record this week but I hope you’ll stick around to think about how the history of housing discrimination in America affects the mid-century houses we love and the world we all live in.

If your parents or grandparents bought a house in America during the post war boom years … they and you benefited from a system of racial oppression that encouraged white wealth building through home ownership with one hand … and held back black families with the other. 

Mine did and I do.  

I want my support for Black Lives Matter to go beyond a hashtag.  So, to start, this week the Mid Mod Remodel podcast will focus on housing discrimination in the MCM era.

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Design Tips to Help you Fight Clutter!

4 min read Your house can’t help you sort what you love from what you don’t – its not a robot. But design can help you fight clutter by creating places the things you love where use use them!

So how has the battle to fight clutter been going at your house lately?

For me, housekeeping isn’t my strongest suit at the best of times but I do know that I feel better about life and myself when I’m not looking at to-do lists (in pile form) all over the dining table.

Some amount of clutter-busting will always be a form of #adulting but we can make the job harder or easier when the house we live in is designed a certain way. How can you design changes into your house that will help you stop clutter before it can start.

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How to Plan a Mid-Century Renovation

4 min read You NEED a strong masterplan to have a great MCM remodel. Today, I break down how to plan a successful Mid-Century Renovation!

It is so easy to get overwhelmed at the start of a big, planned renovation, especially if you’re a first time home buyer. Adding the stress of a home renovation can be a lot. You CAN do this, though. Sit down and plan a mid-century renovation that SUITS you. Your masterplan will clarify what you want, and steer the path to your ideal future home.

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Establish the Remodeling Level that suits you

Do you know your remodeling level? It’s important to figure out how involved of a renovation you really want to take on long before you start! Consider your home’s condition, your lifestyle needs, your budget, and your willingness to deal with chaos.

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Use this remodeling framework to plan your ideal MCM update

7 min read Design a well rounded remodel that turns an every day ranch into your dream house with this easy three part framework borrowed from … the Romans!

Want to make sure you’ve thought of everything when you design a ranch remodel? This easy three part remodeling framework will make sure you are covering all the bases in your MCM home update!

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Features of a Midwestern Ranch you should Recognize

10 min read I’m going to be talking about what I know best: the builder basic Midwestern ranch, built by the millions across the country.

Knowing the history and key features of midwestern ranch will help you make good decisions as you work on your home.

Understanding what’s unusual about some of those original features – and also the history and the reasoning behind how they were built – will help you identify what’s rare, cool, quirky, or valuable about your home. And in other cases, it will help you know when something about your home isn’t that important to its overall character and you can modify it with a clean conscience.

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Know This before Updating an MCM Home

4 min read We aren’t the same people our parents and grandparents were, so we might need to tweak their houses to make sure they work as well for us as they did for their original owners.

Before updating an MCM home, you want to know what has changed in the generations that have passed since those mid-century ranches were constructed.

We aren’t the same people our parents and grandparents were, so we need to tweak their homes a bit to make them facilitate a modern lifestyle.

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