Basement Transformation for any Budget

2 min read You don’t need a huge budget for a great basement transformation … all you really need is design skills. So let’s get into how you can create a great finished basement for your MCM home!

Need more space (desperately) but don’t want to plan an addition?  What if I told you you’re sitting on top of doubling-your-square-footage right now.  No, I’m not a Wizard.  I’m just talking about your basement!  Pretty much every midwestern house has got one and in a one story ranch they are the same shape as the house up above.   Is a basement transformation in your future?

I’ll ask you this … are you making the best use of your basement right now?

Plus, the thing you need to create a super hangout spot – or a variety of necessary new spaces in your home – isn’t money or even necessary your time and labor … it’s design.  

Let’s get into the qualities of a great finished basement and then workshop how you can transform yours at any budget or skill level – from simply DIY to full General Contractor led renovation.  

Plan a great Basement Transformation

For a good finished basement plan to do the following:

  • Plan spaces that match your (and your family’s) lifestyle
  • Bring in LOTS of natural light
  • Maximize your ceiling height (really every inch counts)
  • Get the proportions right
  • Connect well to the upstairs spaces
  • Finish the basement to the same quality of your upstairs spaces

In today’s episode you’ll hear …

  • That the Ready To Remodel course is coming back, again! Sign up on the waitlist to make sure you get first notice when I open enrollment! [1:25]
  • GOOD NEWS! Great design doesn’t always mean high end finishes. You can hyper charge your remodel with good design ideas and get a lot for a sm all budget! [5:12]
  • Common problems with basements you need to fix [7:59 ]
  • Qualities of great finished basement to shoot for … regardless of your budget. [9:28]
  • DIY fixes for a basement on a budget [13:01]
  • More involved remodeling projects you can take on yourself [14:36]
  • How to plan for a contractor led remodel [18:03]

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