Make Sure your Mid-Century Remodel is Green

2 min read Spoiler alert: it already is!

Do you ever think of remodeling your ranch as a strike for sustainability? I do. There are so many ranches across America waiting to be someone’s dream home. So, choosing one to remodel is green – as in sustainable – compared to any new construction except maybe the most dramatic of Passivhaus or LEED Certified new homes.

Why? The choice to remodel is green, inherently. You can protect undeveloped space, cut down on building materials and waste, and keep your home smaller. Good on you!

But, you can still plan your remodel to be even more sustainable by keeping a few key concepts in mind. Check out the podcast … or go read them in a detailed blog post right here: Your Sustainable Mid-century Remodel: Why and How

In today’s episode you’ll hear …

  • Jump right to why remodeling can be greener than any kind of new building [2:10]
  • Why good designers love “problems” and “constraints” and how they can make your home better [6:00]
  • How to make any remodel more sustainable [6:45]
  • Add natural light as much as possible [7:05]
  • Plan for passive solar [8:25]
  • Embrace Thermal Delight instead of controlling for perfect temperatures [10:10}
  • Remember that small is beautiful [11:30]
  • Choose your materials and other finishes carefully [13:00]
  • Avoid trendiness [14:20]
  • Remember that good design takes time. Try to give yourself time to discover what will matter most to you in your remodel [16:05]

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Resources to ensure your remodel is green Mentioned in this Episode