Remodel your MCM Time Capsule or Flip with Love

3 min read Today, I’m digging into the dichotomy between MCM Time Capsule or Flip with no original character left. Good news: you can win with either.

In the 70 plus years since mid century ranches were built, these homes have had a lot of different stories, different owners, and different histories. Some have changed hands many time; some have been in a single family since the day they were built.  Whether your ranch is an MCM time capsule or flip, I can help you figure out how to make it your own.

Many MCM homes are changing hands right now (and over the last 10 years). Those greatest generation owners and even baby boomers are moving on from single-family living, and making way for new owners like you and me.

What you do with your ranch depends a lot on what kind of shape it’s in when you move in and, like everything I talk about, this is kind of a spectrum between two opposing states. 

What’s the diff: MCM time capsule or flip

I’ll discuss these as opposites, the extremes question today to give you a sense of the most intense cases. However, odds are your own mid century ranch fall somewhere in the middle.

Just maybe though, I’ll be speaking straight to you when I describe what it’s like to move into a single-owner ranch that’s been well-maintained and never really changed since the era in which it was built.

Or I might be talking to YOU about the special challenge of buying a house because it’s in the right place at the right time for you, even though it’s been flipped and stripped of its most or all of its original MCM character. If you love mid century houses you’ll be looking for a way to reset the house  to match its origins 

I’m kind of a remodeling optimist so we are going to talk about the positive either way. 

If you have a vintage Time Capsule …

If you live in a truly vintage mid century house, you’re in luck. You get to play up its original details AND feel minimal guilt when making necessary modifications. Changes required for basic maintenance let you tailor the house to your own life and preferences. Especially for those who love retro … this is a big win!

If your house has been Flipped (and stripped of MCM charm)

There can be advantages to a flipped house, too. With few original features intact, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s right or wrong to change things.  You can choose your own adventure of midcentury modern charm and go from there. 

You ALSO benefit from some of the choices made by the flipper – hopefully the aren’t all heinous. Work like replacing a roof, or updating a furnace, is money and effort you don’t have to spend.  

Which kind of house do you have?

On which end of that spectrum does your house fall?  Send me an instagram DM or drop an email to let me know.

In today’s episode you’ll hear …

  • How to figure out your Mid Century Style with my easy and fun quiz. TAKE IT HERE [1:15]
  • What I mean by “chipped and flipped:” I’m looking at YOU Chip and Joanna Gaines with your painted brick, white everything, and shaker cabinet doors! [2:45]
  • An overview of the MCM time capsule or flip dichotomy [3:45]
  • Why I’m a remodeling optimist. There are pros (and cons) to either situation [5:05]
  • Jump straight to the vintage time capsule style house and what to do in it [6:00]
  • The upside of a flip … and what to do with yours [11:00]

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