Taking baths from squished to spacious

Here’s what we were dealing with: a mid-mod cutie that was doing double (and at times triple!) duty for a busy family. Adjusting the layout to function for family time, school and work – all happening at home – was the top priority.

This 1960 house came with a some awkward space allocations, but enough square footage to meet all the needs of a young family. The house had great curb appeal and outdoor areas. Inside, homeschool space, work space, and hang out space were must haves. Plus they really needed a better bedroom and bathroom configuration to take the pressure off during high demand times of day.

Our goal was to provide options to rework the bathrooms for better busy times like teeth brushing and bath time. The existing bedrooms were functional, but lacking in storage. We proposed several ways to borrow space from nearby rooms to improve bathroom function and provide options for expanded spaces, as well as add ample and accessible storage in multiple areas.

Our Spacious (Feeling) Solutions

Our three schemes allow the family more and less private options. plus space trade-offs. We proposed several ways to reconfigure storage and the hallway to make a both better owners’ bath and super second bathroom. Built-ins allow for additional storage within a smaller space saving footprint.  

SCHEME 1 – Better, if not Bigger

SCHEME 2 – Separation by Claiming Space

SCHEME 3 – Trading Privacy for Space 

Want more creative ideas for spacious feeling bathrooms?