Filling in a funky kitchen

3 min read We filled in this kitchen for maximum cooking area, super storage, GREAT flow between spaces and room for multiple cooks.  

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Here’s what we were dealing with: a funky 1990’s kitchen remodel that didn’t function well or feel right for the home. 

This 1955 home situated in a historic area is just one of many beautiful examples of mid century design on the block. The owners were hoping to turn back time a bit while adding features to make modern living easier. They hoped to transform the kitchen into an organized space where everything has a distinct place, while adding warmth and personal touches. 

Our goal was to highlight the original design features of the home – beautiful beams and a great layout – while re-allocating the main space to create a functional entry and cohesive, welcoming living spaces. We wanted to design a multi-cook and kid kitchen connected to the social spaces.

Our Funky Kitchen Solutions

This kitchen needs to do a lot.  It’s a cooking space (for multiple cooks), a social hub and an “everything” family  space. Our schemes tweak or modify an existing plan and improve the layout to give it a shine in both practicality and style! We focused on allowing for maximum cooking area, more storage, GREAT flow between spaces and a better way for two or more to gather around the island.  

SCHEME 1 – Fuller Within the Footprint

SCHEME 2 – A Bridge to Nearby Spaces

SCHEME 3 – Filled with Function

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