Progress: painting the basement walls and ceiling

2 min read Painting has always been one of my favorite home improvement activities.  My mom changed the wall colors almost as often as she changed her mood and the whole family was always permitted (expected) to help out as needed.  

Spreading paint onto my newly drywalled basement was a deeply satisfying several day process, fueled by color energy and audio books.  The one down side was that, without the final electric installed and with the new sheet rock ceiling blocking my ability to hang lights from the rafters, it was a bit dark down there. 

Ironically, it was often easier to paint in the evenings when my three work lights weren’t competing against ambient daylight coming from the basement bedroom.  Can’t wait for the new ceiling can lights to be installed!

Now that there are no wood bits – not much construction debris of any kind – for her to illicitly chew on, I’m allowing Roxie back into the basement.  I did have to confine her to the stair area however because she seems to simply love brushing up against wet paint to decorate her black coat in trim white, or shades of grey.

The lower-than-usual ceiling (especially at the soffits) proved an advantage when I rolled over head.  I didn’t even use a step stool – just the handy dandy roller extender arm on its shortest setting!

In the basement bedroom, I had more natural light from the new window that I just can’t love enough.  I had to pull out the smaller roller (with a thicker nap) to tackle the old masonry but it covered beautifully in a coat of exterior primer to make it sticky and a single layer of shiny trim white.

I’d been planning to leave the brick exposed all along but I was blown away by how much I like it now with its fresh coat of paint.  It is a real feature of the room, and the shiny white – located opposite the window – serves to bounce light around the room even more.