The Design Boost you NEED to love your Mid-Century Ranch Remodel

4 min read Can we talk about the secret to a great remodel? Spoiler: its planning.

sketch of mid-century living remodel opening up kitchen wall, yellow on white

If you’re thinking about a Mid-Century Ranch Remodel, hang on a minute. I want to talk to you about the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM design boost you need to get a mid-century ranch remodel you’ll love.  

A little design goes such a long way. Every homeowner needs a boost of design thinking at the start of a project to set them on the right track.

Every home owner should have this!

Most homeowners are balancing maintenance updates with tired fixtures and finishes while they set their hearts on more exciting moves like reviving the kitchen or adding onto the back. It can be difficult to weigh all these needs and wishes against your budget to decide what will yield the best end result.

That’s where a designer can help … right at the start.

Not everyone considering a Mid-Century Ranch Remodel can have access to the services of an architectural design team, standing ready to catch your ideas, weigh the choices, and create exciting solutions out of problems. But but everyone can really benefit from some design help.

Lets talk about the value of design in planning a great remodel.

The Mid-Century Solutions Package

A new way to work with an Architect

Traditional architectural services are the most surefire way to remove risk and uncertainty from a construction project. I love helping homeowners build or remodel with full service design work. It’s so satisfying to support people from beginning to end of their process and every step along the way. 

Unfortunately this is outside the budget of most regular remodels. The good news is that most of us don’t really need traditional design services.

That’s why I developed the MID-CENTURY SOLUTIONS PACKAGE which is the design focus tool homeowners need when they’re getting started on a renovation project.

While your contractor’s draftsmen, kitchen designers, and other product reps all have specialized skill sets, none of them can highlight the big picture of a remodel for you like an architect can. 

During ten years of working on full-service custom designs for residential clients, I have always been gratified by the incredible value that an architect provides. At the same time I know most people don’t feel they have access to designers when they plan renovations. 

architect design meeting with clients on live edge wood table

I wanted a new way to work with homeowners planning to manage – or even DIY – a mid-century ranch remodel themselves. They still need the clear direction a good design boost at the beginning of their journey.

What the Package isn’t and is

The Mid-Century Solutions Package is NOT a full set of blueprint drawings that answer every design question that could possibly come up during construction.   (That simply isn’t the most economical solution for someone contemplating the remodel of a regular home.)

Instead, the MID-CENTURY SOLUTIONS PACKAGE is your customized, quickie roadmap to a successful mid-century ranch remodel. You will have:

  • a master plan sketch showing all the elements you need to improve your home.
  • a list of the priorities – what needs to happen first – with sketches and reference images of what the important updated areas can look like.
  • a collection of mid-century details with a material palette to help you keep the house cohesive and clear.

With this masterplan in hand you’ll be ready to dig into a remodel with confidence, knowing that you’ve set good priorities right up front.

How the Design Process Works for your Mid-Century Ranch Remodel

At the start of a new package, We will arrange a meeting at your home (or remotely) where we’ll talk about all of the things that you want and need to see in your mid-century ranch remodel. I’ll assess the needs of your house from a design perspective, note pressing building systems issues, and collect measurements and photos.

Then I’ll formulate design solutions based on your personal circumstances and desires,  to let you make the most of your construction budget. I’ll explore ways to address building systems issues that ALSO improve design and aesthetics.

I’ll also prioritize the solutions. This is essential – especially if you need to break the project into several phases.

If you are working within the constraints of a firm budget, we can establish what are those things that are absolutely essential and what other things you’d like to have but really aren’t going to change your life.  That way you can put your money, your time, and your effort into the projects that matter the most.

The Best Way to Cut Costs on a Remodel

Everyone has experienced buyers’ remorse at some point. It is exceptionally painful in a remodeling project that you have to live with every day. 

With a design boost at the beginning, you can be confident you made the right choices, and a house you really love.  You’ll start with the information you need: to talk to contractors,  plan projects for yourself, and track down products and supplies, with total confidence.

What you need is a master plan. This is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM DESIGN BOOST necessary to assure a remodel you love. That’s where the MID-CENTURY SOLUTIONS PACKAGE comes in.

With a fixed price design package you know up front what you’ll get and what it will cost you. Later, if you want to continue to explore other design possibilities, we are always free to arrange further design services!

Having a Masterplan takes the Stress out of your Mid-Century Ranch Remodel

Prioritizing your remodel goals is vital to achieving a successful remodel! Read more about great Masterplanning in this post: How to Plan a Mid-Century Renovation You’ll Love!

You need to be collecting ideas and inspiration before any mid-century update of course. That’s the fun part!! Check out my instagram collection of charming Midwestern ranches both vintage and refreshed for some ideas. Or pop over to Pinterest for a more searchable visual inspiration source!

Having a big picture of perspective is the fun – and most important – part of any remodel.   I don’t think it’s  benefits can be overemphasized, and I know that it is the best value I can offer any homeowner.

How are you incorporating masterplanning into your mid-century ranch remodel?