Micro Update: High/Low Mailbox and Entry Lights

2 min read Fans of modernism all know that sometimes you have to pay through the nose for minimalism and great design … and sometimes you get away with the cheapest option in the shop. In this case, it was both.

I removed the original lights, house numbers and mailbox when during the painting process and could never bring myself to put them back on the house.  I went through several weeks where the poor postman had to deliver to a the old box propped on the stoop.

It was time to hit the internet.  I had no plans to create either my own mailbox or light fixtures. Fortunately Pinterest had already gotten to me with adorably sleek and bright modernist mailboxes.  I came across this ModBoxUSA design and knew I couldn’t be quite happy with anything else.

Since I’d already been struck with a lightning bolt of love for the ModBox, I knew I needed to be more budget friendly with the lights.  I decided on a high/low compromise and did what I usually do when I don’t have a pre-determined product in mind.  I put a few parameter into the Home Depot search string: white, exterior, sconce and then sorted it from low to high and started scrolling.  Its absolutely horrifying how hard it is to find an inexpensive product that isn’t fussy and over-detailed.  I had to get through a lot of this junk before I found these.

They fit over the existing mounting plates, have a nice sleek aspect and are powered by long-lasting LED.

Here’s the simple mockup I made to convince myself it would all be a good idea:

test_photoshop mockup

And here I am, totally delighted with the final result.  I think the postal carrier was much pleased to get to deliver to the wall instead of an old box leaning against the house for a change!  Next step: find house numbers.

during_mailbox looking south