Favorite front doors to emulate

2 min read The front entry is like your home’s face.  It can have a friendly aspect or be forbidding.  You want to make a good impression with it and yet its easy to miss the mark.  Don’t loose a chance to make your entry shine.

Here are a few of my favorite front door samples from the area going from simple to strong.  A few are even architect designed, but some just have the same paint on their door, mailbox and house numbers.  You don’t need a big budget for a fun front door.

Each of these are simple builder grade houses that have been tweaked to greater effect.  The first and last have just a coat of matching paint on door, box, light and numbers.  The upper right uses a stained wood and blue ceramics to tie together the whole front door area.  My favorite is the bottom left.  A bold whole-house paint job, bright front door and asymmetrical light and house number arrangement make it stand out from the crowd.

These three have a little more input – a generous deck addition, a roof structure sheltering and reducing the existing garage and an added garage, that shelters the whole entry area in a generous alcove.

This house is almost certainly architect designed but it shares elements that could be adapted to any area home – sheltered entry, coordinating materials for the door, house numbers and box and a lively asymmetry of layout.

The most startling neighborhood example is, of course, the Jacobs House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It has its own post here.

You may not be able to transform your house into this, but you might very well be able to manage something like this house undergoing an update.

And here’s my aspiration for my own project:

front elevation sketch_color

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