And now I’m obsessed with concrete and want to use it everywhere

3 min read Because, come on, why wouldn’t you?

I’ve spent the last two weeks struggling through the muggy heat to de-lead and prime the north and south walls of the house and prepping for my upcoming talk at the MREA Energy Fair but when I think about design, I’ve been thinking about concrete and wondering what I can make from it.  Pavers?  Planters? Benches?  The possibilities are endless.  

Awesome Planters

I have the opposite of a green thumb and pretty much zero interest in gardening but some of these planters have had me wondering what little green things I could start growing.

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I’m particularly obsessed with this idea by this idea for big heavy cylindrical planters made from nested sonotube forms via Bruno Bornsztein on Curbly.  Its AMAZING and I want to make a million, but I’m a little afraid they might be heavy beyond belief.

Furniture: Benches and Side Tables

There are almost too many possibilities in the concrete furniture category.  I don’t know what I’ll take on first but I really love some of the great designs that are available across the internet. I may choose to follow up on one of these or perhaps create my own variation!

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Back patio instead of back deck

One of the first things I knew I wanted to change about the house was the total separation between house and yard.  Later this year (come fall perhaps) I’ll be creating an indoor/outdoor space to bridge the gap between breezeway turned mudroom and back lawn.  I’d been thinking of extending a deck surface at the level of the house out into the yard with a surrounding step down.  But perhaps this is another opportunity for concrete.  What if the deck became a patio?  Would I use pre-cast pavers or pour slabs in place?

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Maybe a concrete counter top for the kitcheN 

I’ll be replacing my dated and somewhat sticky kitchen cabinets with white IKEA in a new layout more attuned to modern living.  My favorite modern kitchens are generally slab front dark wood grain cabinets with white counter surfaces, but, for budget reasons, I’ll be limiting myself to white slab front cabinets with wood accents here.   I’d been thinking of a butcher block counter but concrete could also look great.  This could be an adventure!

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Stay tuned for more adventures in Quickrete to follow.  It was so much fun doing the basement floor that I seriously doubt I’ll be able to stop myself.