Starting the Workday off Right

< 1 min read I start every day with a few miles hiking at the amazing off-leash dog park just out of Madison.   This week has been particularly lovely. 

One of the up and downsides of bringing Roxie into my life is her relentless need for regular exercise.  Sometimes its a headache but mostly it keeps me honest about my own need to spend time away from my computer.

This girl needs a walk.  Continue reading “Starting the Workday off Right”

Progress: Snugged in for winter with new basement Windows

2 min read With winter coming (the weather just shifted from 70’s to 40’s this week), I was reminded of a punch list of get it done in good weather items.  One was last weeks painting catch-all.  Another is the possibly crazy goal of getting the mudroom framed in, scheduled for next week.  

This week I wanted to install the rest of the basement replacement windows.  Continue reading “Progress: Snugged in for winter with new basement Windows”

Demo with a Dog

3 min read Just to throw a wrench in the works once again, I gave myself an additional major delay in construction (or de-construction) at the beginning of the year: bringing home a new dog, Roxie. Here’s a little intro to my pup and the techniques I’ve used to acclimate her to her new life as a construction dog.

I decided to make the most of my non-office-worker stint by bringing a pup into my life.  After some research,  I found Roxie at the Humane Society, sugar sweet but bouncing off the walls of the meeting room.  She’s around a year and a half old and was picked up as a stray in Mississippi in December.  I  brought her home the last day of January.   Continue reading “Demo with a Dog”