Find Madison Mid-Century Neighborhoods To Explore

2 min read Don’t panic, but I’m about to take a short hiatus. To tide you over, today’s podcast will tell you exactly how to seek out Madison Mid-Century Neighborhoods to explore on your own and highlight a few of my very favorites!

If you, like me, LOVE walking around looking at MCM houses, you’ve probably been relying on that as a primary source of out-of-the-house fun during the last few months. Today, I’m going to share my top tips for seeking out the hidden mid-century areas in your town and some Madison mid-century neighborhoods that I particularly love!

Here are the tips in Infographic form!

infographic how to find a mid-century neighborhood, madison mid-century neighborhood

I’ve blogged about this topic before … if you want more detail on the tips … check it out right here: How to Find a Mid-Century Neighborhood.

In Today’s Episode you’ll Hear …

  • All about why I love MCM houses but DESPISE urban planning from the same era. (The short version: this deserves an episode) [2:00]
  • Five easy ways to hunt down MCM areas in your home down using common sense and a little googling [4:05]
  • An abridged list of my favorite Madison Mid-century Neighborhoods: Radio Park, Hill Farms, Crestwood, Orchard Ridge, Eken Park, Mendota Hills, Brentwood Village, Sherman and Berkley Oaks. [8:45]
  • Some demographics nerdiness on how the population boom affected Madison more than most places during the MCM period [14:20]

Season three is ENDING today

Heads up: this is the last episode of Season 3. I’ll be back after a few week hiatus with more ideas and design for you, Mid Mod Remodelers. In the mean time, don’t hesitate to leave a review that lets me know what you’d like to hear more of in the future seasons!

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