Progress: Framing basement walls and soffits

< 1 min read The basement framing has been proceeding in the background of several other projects and is starting to finally come together.  The electrician is scheduled to come out and work with me on wiring in the next few weeks!

Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying that room-like feeling you get from walls that are framed but not yet covered in drywall.  Especially with 24″ on center wall studs, we still sometimes take a shortcut through the wall center wall rather than go 6′ over to the door.  I’ve also been enjoying hanging out in the bedroom as it comes together, mostly due to the great natural light from the large window we installed this summer. 

This room has come such a long way from where it began as a dark, somewhat dank, odd shaped room covered in faux wood panelling and lit by one tiny high window.  That blocked off space behind the bookshelves was concealing the former oil tank (long removed).  Even with the pink insulation as a major feature, the room is vastly improved.

Here’s dad finishing up the soffit framing in the den.  I did the bedroom and finished my side first (but I had a head start).  The space is a bit messier (sorry) but the progress is still thrilling.

Ever since the soffits framing out around the ductwork were installed I’ve been overwhelmed with how different the space feels!  It’s very exciting.  Soon our framing will be complete!