Progress: Transforming the Breezeway into a Mudroom (Part 2)

3 min read Getting the glass in these windows took me three months of waiting for the right weather conditions (and free time) and about three hours of work to install!
I am SO EXCITED that they are finally in!

view of front entry with three diy windows installed in the new garage wall

Remember back in OCTOBER, when I posted about putting up this fun cedar slat wall?  Well, the project is still ongoing.

Getting these DIY windows in was such a simple job that I’ve been waiting to get wrapped up for SO LONG now.  It took a few moving parts: having the glass cut to size and having the right weather conditions to caulk it into place.  Plus I’ve been crazy busy on all previous good-weather work days working INSIDE the garage to build the mudroom part of the project.

Technically THAT progress update should be Part 2, but I forgot to post about it in November and now I just want to shout from the rooftops about my brand new DIY windows!


For months, I’ve been working away on every available above-freezing day to demo the siding, frame the floor and walls and start insulating the mudroom space, teaser image on the left.  Meanwhile, my poor neighbors have been subjected to this lovely pink insulation as substitute windows.

First, I cut simple “stops”

Finally I got a break in the weather and a break in other work this weekend.  I quickly (but carefully) cut mitered strips of 1/4 by 1 “stop” stock to fit the window openings and tacked it into place.

Then, I installed the glass

Then, on the recommendation of the glass cutters, I used clear silicone caulk to seal the tempered glass into place.  REALLY.  I was planning to use points and glazing but the crusty old guy at the desk said he wouldn’t do it that way anymore and that this would be plenty strong (they even use it on slammable kitchen cabinet doors) and weather resistant.

Sorry, This Old House.

Come for me in the comments if you want.

Here’s what I will say for the silicone. It was SO EASY.  The first one got a little messy until I remembered that I can handle that problem with blue tape.  Windows two and three went much more smoothly.

I waited a day and a half for the silicone to have plenty of cure time in the 40 degree (yuck) weekend weather.  It’s supposed to be paintable in 30 minutes and good down to 20 degrees F but I always give chemical products like that extra leeway in off-ideal temperature conditions.

I popped in the privacy film and …

Then I razored off the extra silicone smudges, cleaned off the glove prints and popped on the privacy film.  That’s super easy too.  You just …

  • Cut the film to the size you want
  • Wet the whole surface of the glass with slightly soapy water
  • Press the film onto the glass
  • Swipe across it with a small squeegee over and over until the air bubbles are pushed to the edges and out

When it is dry it is firmly adhered to the glass for all of time, OR you can peel it off (leaving no residue) with your fingernail any time you want.  If you are careful you can even RE-APPLY it again later.

Lets be clear: I’m not usually a fan of fake things that look like real things.  However, sometimes you need privacy  and this gets the job done well and very classily.   This Artscape Rice Paper Privacy Film is a product I STAND BEHIND(Note: I don’t don’t owe Artscape anything.  I will happily tell you that all the rest of their line of privacy film looks weird and I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, but this ONE product  is great stuff.)

This is the third place I’ve put it in my home now now and I love it.

Voila, DIY windows: done!

So, now I squeal with delight every time I drive or walk up to the house.

True story: I was in the process of installing when a dog-walking neighbor interrupted me to compliment it and then talked my ear off for half an hour about how much she loves what I’ve done with the house.  Not to brag but … I agree!  It’s fabulous.


How about you?

What’s the most satisfying but easy home improvement project you’ve taken on recently.  Any major successes … or have you had setbacks?  Tell me all about it in the comments.  Or feel free to tell me I was wrong to do DIY windows with silicone.  I can’t fix it now but I’ll be happy to listen!

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  1. Having seen your new windows in person, I agree – they pop!

    It’s amazing how the new front wall enclosing the former breezeway brings the whole house into the 21st Century.

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