Progress: Basement Bath and Bar Sink

2 min read Progress continues in the basement with the final plumbing work. Its about to go on hiatus, however, when I turn my attention outside for fall.

The basement isn’t quite finished but I made some great strides forward to prep for the final plumbing work down here.  I also introduced myself to the Ikea kitchen system which gave me a few moments of confusion and then turned out to be even more straightforward and hackable than I’d hoped.

Here’s Roxie “helping” me assemble my first Ikea Sektion cabinet. She’s a little anxious because during most of the construction she wasn’t allowed to come past the bottom of the stairs.  For this project, I asked her to stick to her dog bed.

Putting it together was a lot like assembling all the other Ikea flat pack I’ve handled in my days of apartment living.  I had a bit more fun figuring out the wall-hanging process and cutting out spaces for the plumbing to come in and go out but in general it was easy as pie.

I am … perhaps too … optimistic about the kitchen when it comes up.



Plus, with the addition of a vanity and the re-install of the salvaged toilet and shower unit, I have a functioning downstairs bathroom.  I’d love to proceed to making it pretty but other work calls.

I won’t finish down here for quite a while because the calendar just reminded me to switch gears to outside work.  If I want to get to the patio and start the mudroom I need to work on that next.  I’ll come back to finishing and pretifying the basement come the winter!