Madison Ranch Architect, On Call

This little ranch has a 1960's addition on the back that isn't working for its new owners. With this consultation we've worked out several ways for them to transform an unneeded man cave room into a mudroom, bike work room, laundry and birdwatching den.

Addition interior Layout - two Options


The first area of the house these new owners want to tackle is transforming the unnecessary extra den into a multi-use space that can connect them better with their deck, garage and garden ... plus bringing the laundry up to the main level.

Since they are just starting out and not sure of their budget or DIY enthusiasm we've worked out a low and high intervention plan for their back room.  They can get many of the same results with a few new partition walls and simple finishes or decide to dive deeper and achieve their whole wish list!  Either is a big win for their first remodel project!