Menomonee Falls Ranch Mid-Century Master Plan

This sturdy brick ranch needed a bit of fun added in.  The owners have mid-range plans to add in a pool and an addition off the back with a living room mudroom and potential expanded kitchen.  But the first step in their plan is to update the basement.  

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Addition Layout Options

Three addition schemes 

Three basement schemes 

Bathroom Layout Options

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The Menomonee Falls Ranch Master Plan had the special challenge of differing tastes between the two owners.  He liked a clean modern look and she enjoyed retro kitch.  Our style guide recommended a playful combination of both that could help the house meet them in the middle. 

Our masterplan included three alternatives for living room addition off the back.  Responding to the generous and odd-shaped lot allows for some interesting angle possibilities!  We also addressed a complete overhaul of their basement with new layouts that preserve the existing utilities and workbench space but add in room for both a lounge bar and a secondary living/TV area.  

What they asked for: 

"We are looking to use our basement space efficiently right now. It is all open and not finished right now. We are looking to get a few different spaces out of the basement - For sure a bar, a work area (workbench, tools, projects), and general storage, and I would really like to get a living room type space too. We already have some SWEET furniture that sets the theme for the grandpa's-basement-bar motif, so including that in the design is a must."

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