Remodel Planning

Get to know your House

Module 2

Become an expert in your home ... so that you can lead your own remodel

Module Structure

Module 2 Lesson 1 1 Lesson

Your Home’s Vital Statistics

Module 2 has four lessons that cover how you can gather the home data you’ll need and pull it together in one spot.  In Lesson 1, we’ll discuss the things you can see and measure for yourself without any outside resources.  Let's take stock of your house!

Module 2 Lesson 2 1 Lesson

Code Issues for MCM Remodelers

In Lesson 2, we are going to be talking about the building and zoning codes that are most likely to come up when you update a mid-century home.  We’ll talk about electrical outlets, stair steepness, fire safety and more … 

Module 2 Lesson 3 1 Lesson

Consulting Experts

In this lesson we are going to run down a list of helpful experts you may want to consult before you finalize your plans for a remodel.  Its likely that some of these ideas will prove more relevant to your project than others but at least one of these - a good home inspection  - is absolutely mandatory. 

Module 2 Lesson 4 1 Lesson

Your Home's History

The last lesson of module 2 is mostly for fun but could turn up some useful data.   I’ll walk you through several avenues of research for learning more about the history of your home.